If you’re looking for a Voyager backup camera, then you’re already familiar with the quality and reliability of their backup camera systems.  A Voyager backup camera is heavily tested before it gets to you to insure long life operation without problems or difficulties.

Voyager Backup Camera VOS7MDCL1B ToughCam Main ViewA Voyager backup camera comes as a complete system so that you have everything you need to install it and once installed, it’s ready to help you backup safely and securely.  A Voyager rear view camera features quality optics, durability, weather resistance, and high performance low light capability.


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What are the advantages of a Voyager ToughCam Backup Camera System?


It would easy to gloss over the amount of testing that every one of the Voyager cameras is subjected to because it’s not glamorous to talk about.  The problem is, when you’re on the job, the only thing standing between you and a failed system is the amount of testing for every eventuality the camera Voyager Backup Camera VOS7MDCL1B ToughCam Camera Viewhas endured.  Without listing all the testing, each Voyager camera system goes through no less than 14 separate in-house tests under a variety of conditions designed to simulate the tough conditions to which the camera will be exposed.  This level of testing is what separates a Jensen RV Voyager electronic system from other competitor systems.


Jensen RV’s Voyager products come from a hands-on Engineering Research and Development Team that builds quality into their products up front by expertly designing each product from the ground up and validating the designs with their testing.


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Take a look at this reverse camera system and see if it’s the best backup camera for your needs!


Voyager VOS7MDCL1B ToughCam Backup Camera System

Voyager Backup Camera VOS7MDCL1B ToughCam Main ViewThe Voyager VOS7MDCL1B ToughCam Backup Camera System is a premium heavy-duty observation system that comes complete with everything you need to get your job done.  Having a backup camera system like the Voyage helps you eliminate blinds spots, relieves back stress, reduces neck pain, and increases productivity.  The complete system has a high-quality monitor, a single CMOS camera, and all the installation cables and mounts.  The entire system runs off your 12VDC vehicle power for trouble-free operation.  It features a large 7-inch wide format performance color LCD panel with an integrated audio speaker and multiple mounting options, a high-performance color optics Super CMOS and waterproof (IPX 7) camera with excellent 14 IR LED low light and bright environment performance.  The camera is constructed with a machined aluminum body and the pedestal is solid cast/machined aluminum for durability and long life.


Voyager Backup Camera: Features

  • ToughCam single camera observation system Voyager backup camera
  • 7-Inch high performance wide format color LCD panel with integrated audio speaker
  • On-screen display for AV source, picture adjustment, and volume level
  • Energy efficient white LED backlighting backlit controls
  • AV inputs to support three cameras
  • Anti-glare/anti-scratch protective lens and removable sun visor
  • High performance waterproof (IPX 7) Super CMOS camera with performance color optics and excellent low light (14 IR LEDs) and high bright environment performance
  • Camera dimensions are 3.4H x 1.7W x 1.7D inches
  • Cast aluminum construction for camera and mount
  • Cables included can be daisy-chained if needed


7-Inch LCD Observation Monitor Specs

  • 7” Wide format high performance Color LCD panel
  • Energy Efficient White LED Backlighting
  • Back-lit control
  • Integrated audio speaker
  • NTSC and PAL video signal compatible
  • Three camera (A/V) inputs
  • Manual (push button) or automatic (trigger) source selection
  • Voyager Backup Camera VOS7MDCL1B ToughCam Camera ViewAuto power on (standby)
  • Auto/manual day/night brightness modes
  • On screen display (OSD) for AV source, picture adjustment and volume level
  • OSD Programmable source name
  • OSD Programmable distance markers
  • Non-volatile memory for picture and volume adjustment settings
  • Anti-glare/anti-scratch protective lens
  • Removable sun-visor included
  • Multiple mounting options


ToughCam – High Performance CMOS Camera Specs

  • High performance color optics
  • Waterproof (IP69K)
  • CMOS technology
  • IR low-light assist
  • Microphone
  • Compact size
  • Corrosion resistant (ASTM B117)
  • Overall Dimensions 1.5” x 1.32” x 1.06”





VOSHD4MNT – 4” LCD Monitor Mount

  • Solid cast/machined aluminum
  • Thumbscrew adjustable knuckle at midpoint
  • Universal 4-hole mounting pattern mates with all
  • Voyager LCD observation monitors
  • Matte black finish


Cable Specs

  • CEC25 – 25’ Cable
  • 25’ Cable can be daisy chained together
  • Non-corrosive locking connectors with
  • 4-pin round plug


  • CEC75 – 75’ Cable
  • 75’ Cable can be daisy chained together
  • Non-corrosive locking connectors with
  • 4-pin round plug


Customer Reviews

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  • Heavily tested for reliability
  • High quality construction and materials
  • Complete system including cables and mounts
  • High performance super CMOS camera



  • Pricey















Voyager Backup Camera



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A backup camera system provides a better view to the rear to eliminate blind spots and make backing up safer.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the right Voyager backup camera for your needs.

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