A truck backup camera is a popular aftermarket accessory that solves the problem that plagues pickup trucks everywhere.  You may have noticed that there is a huge blind spot directly to the rear of the truck that makes backing up, particularly with a trailer, an exercise in risk management.  Without a truck backup camera, at best its inconvenient, at worst, it can be downright dangerous.

Truck Backup Camera: Rear View Safety RVS-Pickup Main ViewThere are three main problems with installing an aftermarket truck backup camera in your pickup truck.  First, you love your truck, your proud of it, and you think twice before you clutter the cab with dashboard accessories.  Most rear view camera systems require that you mount a large display monitor somewhere in the area of your dash or attached to the windshield.


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Second, you have to mount the backup camera itself somewhere.  Most reverse camera systems have you simply tack a camera somewhere on the rear of the vehicle which not only looks unprofessional, if you mount it to the license plate frame, you’re not going to see the whole picture.

Third, your pickup truck probably endures some harsh weather and environments, particularly if Truck Backup Camera: Rear View Safety RVS-Pickup Camera Viewyou haul a boat, enjoy off-roading, or are a contractor.  A truck backup camera needs to be designed to handle that kind of abuse.

So, what you need is a truck backup camera system that is integrated into a replacement mirror that looks like it came with your truck, a tailgate camera that mounts to the handle like it was born there, and a camera that has a weatherproof rating of IP68 so you don’t have to worry about it being able to take what you dish out daily.

We searched truck and 4×4 forums, manufacturer sites, consumer sites, retail sites, social media, and customer review sites to find a popular and highly rated truck mirror backup camera system.




Take a look at this very capable model from Rear View Safety and see if it’s the best backup camera system for your needs!


Rear View Safety RVS-Pickup Backup Camera System for Pickup Trucks

Truck Backup Camera: Rear View Safety RVS-Pickup Main ViewRear View Safety is the leader in truck backup camera systems and their Rear View Safety RVS-Pickup Backup Camera System for Pickup Trucks is a perfect example of their innovative designs.  It features their G-Series Monitor high-quality replacement rearview mirror, a shock resistant, IP68-rated camera that mounts neatly to the tailgate handle for a professional look and delivers a clear 170-degree wide-angle view day or night.  The monitor comes with adjustable grid lines that can be adapted precisely to the location of the camera and the camera and allow you to estimate distance to obstacles.

Truck Backup Camera: Features

  • Replacement rearview mirror backup camera system with G-Series wide 16:9 format, 480 x 272 lines of resolution, two-channel input, 4.3-inch display monitor with adjustable grid lines that let you adjust the lines precisely for your camera placement
  • Compact camera with clear wide-angle 170-degree field of view day or night, industry-leading 10G shock resistant rating, IP68 weatherproof rating, and 0.5 Lux night vision, mounts neatly to the tailgate handle





  • Low-power ¼-inch color NTSC/PAL digital image sensor with integrated image flow processor and video encoder with VGA resolution
  • Included aviation camera cable uses aircraft grade connectors which means the camera cable can be exposed to all weather elements.
  • Truck Backup Camera: Rear View Safety RVS-Pickup Kit ViewComes complete with everything needed to install the system yourself
  • Video display dimensions are 10.55L x 3.5H x 1D inches
  • 1-Year limited warranty


Customer Comments

  • Works well and camera is well hidden
  • Small camera and clear monitor
  • Good reflective mirror
  • System works wonderfully


Rear View Safety RVS-Pickup Backup Camera System for Pickup Trucks Installation Instructions >>>





Truck Backup Camera: Comparison



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Pickup trucks are notorious for having a lot of blind spots to the rear that makes backing up, particularly with a trailer, difficult at best and dangerous at worst.  Your pickup is your pride and joy.  You don’t want to slap a monitor on the dash that doesn’t complement your interior.  A mirror backup camera system lets you take advantage of the benefits of a reverse camera without cluttering your interior.

We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best truck backup camera for your needs!

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