Most people never give a second thought to truck antennas and the designers probably don’t think much about how they look.  Truck antennas are the afterthought of the truck accessories world.

Truck Antennas: RONIN FACTORY Short Bullet Antenna Dodge Ford Intro ViewThat doesn’t mean that you have to be stuck with the long, boring whip truck antenna you have or that truck antennas can’t be replaced with something that more effectively conveys how bad your truck is.


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What am I talking about?  You may not even know that if you have a Dodge RAM or simply a RAM truck with a model year between 1994 and 2018 or a Ford F-Series truck with a model year between 1997 and 2018, you can easily replace your limp, wiry truck antenna with something much badder.

If you’re a hunter, a servicemember, a veteran, a member of the NRA, or other gun enthusiast, you simply need to replace your existing minimalist antenna with a custom bullet antenna that will dress up your truck and keep the tough truck look of your pickup intact.




If you think you might like to make the truck antenna replacement, make sure you choose the right bullet antenna to make the swap.  Not all bullet antennas are created equal.  Only one is the most popular and only one has the mean look and solid reputation for high-quality construction.

I’m talking about the RONIN FACTORY .50 Caliber bullet-style antenna.


Take a look at this customer engineered antenna and see if it’s the best truck antenna for your truck.


RONIN FACTORY .50 Caliber Bullet Antenna for Dodge Ram, RAM, and F-Series Pickup Trucks

Truck Antennas: RONIN FACTORY Short Bullet Antenna Dodge Ford Main ViewIf you own a Dodge Ram, RAM, or F-Series pickup and you’re looking to ditch your boring, wiry, whip and give your truck some attitude with a new, short bullet-style antenna, the RONIN FACTORY .50 Caliber Bullet Antenna for Dodge Ram, RAM, and F-Series Pickup Trucks is a perfect choice.  This quality RONIN FACTORY model features the same dimensions as a real .50 caliber round but is made from solid billet aluminum with an anodized black finish that will stand the test of time.  You can install this short truck antenna in minutes by simply unscrewing your existing antenna and mounting the .50 caliber in its place.  You get all the hardware you need to do the installation including the required Allen wrenches.  To top it off, it’s Bluetooth and satellite radio compatible.  Watch the looks you get from amazed friends when they see this totally renegade addition to your already tough pickup truck.


Truck Antennas: Features

  • .50 caliber bullet-style, short truck replacement truck antenna for 1994 to 2018 Dodge Ram and RAM pickups and 1997 to 2018 F-Series pickups including Raptor
  • Same dimensions as a real .50 caliber rifle bullet
  • High-quality 6061 solid billet aluminum construction with an anodized black finish that will not chip or fade





  • Easy installation using long-lasting all-stainless steel hardware only takes a minute or two
  • Comes with anti-theft thread-locking compound pre-applied
  • Antenna and anodized finish are carwash safe
  • Comes with the necessary hardware and includes required Allen wrenches
  • Bluetooth and satellite radio compatible


Truck Antennas: RONIN FACTORY Short Bullet Antenna Dodge Ford Features ViewCustomer Reviews

See RONIN FACTORY .50 Caliber Bullet Antenna for Dodge Ram, RAM and F-Series Pickup Trucks Customer Reviews >>>




  • Exact fit
  • Thread lock protects against theft
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Easy 5-minute or less installation



  • Several reports that the antenna affects radio signal quality
  • Doesn’t come with instructions












Truck Antennas



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If you’re looking for a stubby antenna with attitude to replace your Ram or F-Series pickup antenna, the Ronin Factory Bullet Antenna is one of the most popular choices.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose one of the best truck antennas for your needs!

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