You’re looking for Scottish gifts for friends and family, but you want something unique that you haven’t considered before.Scottish Gifts Scotland 3 Flags Chrome License Plate Frame

Some great gifts and perhaps ones you’ve already looked at might include watches, books, kilt towels, Scottish tea, Scottish t-shirts, Scottish Christmas ornaments, Scottish beauty and bath items, Scottish bumper and window stickers, Scottish jewelry, Scottish cookbooks, or Scottish music.

Those are all great gifts, and some are even unique, but they don’t really tell the world that they’re Scottish.  For that, you need something very visible, that they will take with them every day, and they can never forget.  We’re talking about Scottish license plate frames.  They make the perfect Scottish gifts!

They can put a good looking Scottish license plate holder on the front and back of their car, and whether they’re sitting in rush hour traffic, taking the kids to school or a soccer game, going to the grocery store, or on a vacation trip, everyone will know that their Scottish and proud of it.




What better way to show their Scottish pride than with a stylish, colorful, and very Scottish license plate frame?  They come in many different finishes and colors, with Scottish flags and without, and some with catchy Scottish sayings.  One thing is for certain, they will all show how much they love their Scottish heritage.

They’re very easy to install, easy to wrap, and they will be completely surprised by your gesture.  They may have been expecting the usual from you, but this year you decided to shake it up a bit and they will definitely appreciate your thought.  They are proud of their Scottish heritage, so let them tell everyone by showing it off on their car or truck.

Scottish Gifts Scottish Princess Chrome-Blue License Plate FrameAvailable in chrome and black metals with Scottish blue and other colors, your friends and family will be surprised to see how great a new license plate bracket can look on their car or truck and how it sets off their license plate better than regular license plate mounts.  Chances are they don’t even think about their license plate holders and so they probably have the same frame that was there when they bought their car.  Even more likely, the frame says something lame about the dealer they bought the car from.  Stop the free advertising for their car dealership and get on with Scottish pride!

So leave those ordinary Scottish gifts behind and get them something that they will have with them always and will remember you for each time they see it or get a compliment on it.  Get them a Scottish license plate frame.





So whether you’re looking for Scottish gifts for men, unique gift ideas for men, gifts for women, Scottish Mothers Day gifts, Scottish gifts for Mom, Scottish gifts for Dad, birthday gifts for her, gifts for him, Scottish gift ideas, graduation gifts, groomsmen gifts, birthday gifts in general, or Christmas gifts, a Scottish license plate frame is a great choice!

We’ve done some research to find great Scottish license plate frames and we think we found some of the best out there.  We have made a list of our favorites below.  Take a look and see if one of them is the perfect gift for your Scottish friend or family member.  Then, click on any one to see more information about that frame.


Scottish Gifts: Our Favorite Scottish License Plate Frames




Scottish Gifts




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As always, thanks for reading our license plate frame post!  We sincerely hope it has provided you with valuable information that will help you find the best Scottish gifts for your family and friends!

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