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You love to take your beautiful car or truck to shows and meets, but that ugly license plate and bracket ruin the look.  You were fortunate to find a no-drill front license plate bracket solutionRetractable License Plate Show N Go Electric Powered License Plate Holder Retracting View for your car, but taking off the plate and bracket each time is a pain.  What you need is a powered retractable license plate system.

Simply a Great Idea

What could be better than a powered retractable license plate system with a remote control that allows you to retract your auto license plate frame and plate right before you enter the show or meet?  You can continue to be legal right up to the moment you arrive and then hide the plate to restore the beautiful look of the front of your vehicle.


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Remote Operated

That’s right, the model we found has a remote control, so you don’t even have to get out of your car to retract or extend the plate and bracket.  It’s really the ultimate retractable license plate system for convenience while maintaining the looks of your car or truck.

Replace That Ugly Bracket

It’s important that whatever bracket you buy not only hides away but also looks good while it’s extended.  Most of the time you will need to display your plate and if the bracket location and design is not right, it will detract from the beauty of one of the world’s most iconic cars.

Retractable License Plate Show N Go Electric Powered License Plate Holder Kit ViewThe Low-Down On Low

Many cars these days are either customized or naturally low to the ground and so while a regular bracket may allow you to place it so that ground clearance is maintained, it’s easy to see how a powered retractable license plate holder might have difficulty given the extra hardware and mechanism involved.  Make sure any retractable holder you buy allows you to keep the ground clearance you have and won’t rub off when you enter the first parking lot or driveway.

Your Next Project

Installation is another consideration.  If you have to have a shop install the mount, you could be looking at a lot of extra cash outlay you weren’t expecting.  Make sure you buy one of the retractable license plate frames that is easy for the average home mechanic to install and maintain.

Long Life and A Company You Can Trust

What about reliability?  Like all mechanical devices you might mount to your car, it will be exposed to the elements and in some cases experience harsh environments.  Is the retractable front license plate bracket you’re considering durable?  Make sure in addition to having a good track record, the manufacturer provides support and backs up your mount with a reasonable warranty.





Will Smokies Notice?

Is it legal?  You can check with the retractable mount’s manufacturer or your State’s department of motor vehicles to make sure the mount is legal in your state.  Don’t spend a lot of money on a mount only to find out it’s as illegal as no bracket and plate at all.

What to Buy

So which one should you buy?  We did the research to find a highly rated retractable mount that is reasonably priced and fits our criteria.  We think we found the perfect mount for your vehicle.


Take a look and see if this is the perfect retractable front license plate mount for your car or truck!


Show ‘N’ Go Powered License Plate Transport


Altec ProductsRetractable License Plate Show N Go Electric Powered License Plate Holder Full View has come up with a great product for auto enthusiasts that not solves the problem of your ugly front license plate bracket in two ways.  First, you can hide the plate and bracket whenever you want at the push of a button.  Second, while the bracket is visible, it will look better than any bracket you may currently be using.  We’re talking about the Altec Products Show ‘N’ Go Powered License Plate Transport.  That’s a long name that simply describes a great product that will help you retain the beauty of your car at shows and meets while keeping you legal the rest of the time.  The Show N Go License Plate Holder design hits all the right buttons.  It’s powered for ease-of-use, has a great design, looks good while not retracted, durable, and has great support from a trusted automotive company.  Here’s what you need to know about these Altec Products’ license plate holders.


Retractable License Plate: Features

  • Easy push-button remote control operation without tools or adjustments
  • Durable and effective stainless steel torsion spring transport mechanism both stows and displays the mount
  • All stainless steel or filled polymer components and fasteners for long life and reliable operation
  • Frame is coated in a satin black SS e-coat for a good looking and long lasting finish on your black license plate frame
  • Comes fully assembled with universal mounting hardware for simple installation on stock or custom Corvettes by the average auto enthusiast
  • Mechanism docks or displays your plate in seconds
  • Looks good whether stowed or displayed





Customer Reviews

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  • Easy to install
  • High-quality construction and materials
  • Great looking design
  • Reasonably priced



  • Some reports of sticking during operation
  • Key fob buttons are easy to push accidentally
  • Easily subject to damage from curbs, car washes, parking stops, etc.







Show ‘N’ Go Powered License Plate Transport Installation Guide >>>

Also available in a manual version called the Show ‘N’ Go Manual License Plate Transport.




Retractable License Plate 



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