Many new cars come with remote car starters in their premium packages but most cars and trucks don’t come withRemote Starter Viper 5906V Color Remote System Box View a remote starter.  You’re probably reading this article because you don’t have a remote starter, but you’re considering installing an aftermarket model.


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There is no question that a remote starter is a very convenient auto accessory.  Whether you live in a hot climate or a cold climate, starting your car remotely with a remote car starter, and beginning to cool it or heat it before you get in, can make your life much easier and more comfortable.

Remote car starters come in many different models with a variety of features and it can be difficult to sort it all out on your own.  That’s what this article is about.  We will explain what the important features are to look for in a car remote starter and take a look at 5 highly rated models that you should consider.


Features to Look For


We start with this one, which is not really a feature, because performing a remote car starter installation can be complicated and you can even damage your car or the remote car starter if you don’t install it correctly.  Also, if you don’t get the remote auto starter professionally installed, you may have a problem with your warranty if something goes wrong.  We always recommend professional remote starter installation, especially where the car starter is particularly complicated with many features.




Transmitter Range

The last thing you want is to have a remote starter installed on your vehicle and find out later that the transmitter range is too short and you can’t start your car from your house, work, school, park, amusement park, or the mall.  It defeats the purpose of having a remote starter if you have to go outside to get within range to start the car.  Think about all the situations you might want to use a car starter, make a note of the distance, and make sure that the car starter transmitter has at least that range.  Remember also that like all wireless electronic devices, you have to take into account interference from walls and other electronics.  Some remote starters come with transmitter range up to a mile which should generally eliminate problems with distance and interference.

Remote Starter Viper 5904V Responder 2-Way System Box ViewKeyless Entry

You probably already have keyless entry so why would you want to have that feature on a remote starter?  It is commonly held that most remote starters with keyless entry have a longer range than the factory keyless entry.  Another consideration is that many new cars will not allow you to unlock your doors with the factory remote while the engine is running.  That means that after you start the car remotely, you will have to stop the car’s engine to get into the car.  Make sure you check with your remote starter provider about this important detail.

Two-Way Remotes

A standard remote car starter sends information to the car, but if your car is out of view or a long way away, you may not be sure if the car received the commands.  Did your car actually remote start?  Is your car locked or unlocked?  A two-way remote starter sends information back to the remote or a smartphone which can include information about whether the engine is running or not, whether the vehicle is locked or unlocked, the interior temperature, and vehicle battery voltage.  Two-way remotes are more expensive but can provide a much better user experience when compared to one-way remotes.

Security System

Some remote starters for cars come with built-in security systems to protect your car from intrusion or warn you of potential vandalism or other incidents.  Some models allow you to see security alerts right on your remote or mobile phone.  Even if you have an existing security system, getting a remote starter with security means you will have access to alerts even if you’re not near enough to hear an alarm or see the problem.


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Of course you’re going to want to get the longest warranty you can.  We just want you to consider the warranty when making your purchase.  Make sure there is a company behind the product you’re buying.  Many of these devices are made in China and may even offer a long warranty.  Will the company honor the warranty if something goes wrong?  Will you have to ship your unit back to China for repair or replacement?  This is another good reason to get professional installation which can protect you from some of these headaches.

Some optional features to consider are remote control of your heated or cooled seats, rear window defroster, vehicle locator, heated mirrors, memory seats, power windows, or the sunroof.


Safety FeaturesRemote Starter Viper 5706V 2-Way System Box View


Anti-grind prevents you from accidentally trying to start your car after you’ve already started it.  Your natural tendency when getting into your car is to start it which you have already done with your remote.  With this feature, even if you forget, you won’t get the grinding of trying to engage the starter while the engine is running.

Engine Speed Sensing Safeguard

With a two-way system you will be able to detect this anyway, but on a one-way system you should have an RPM sensor that warns you if the car didn’t actually start on a very cold day.  An RPM sensor will detect if the engine RPM is too high and kill the engine possibly preventing damage.





Safety Cutoff Switch

When a friend or family member is working under the hood of your car, the last thing you want to do is accidentally start it remotely at least scaring them and possibly injuring them.  The safety cutoff switch resides under your hood and is controlled by whoever is working on your car protecting them from an accidental start.

Manual Transmission Safety Interlock

Most manual transmission cars already have a built-in safety feature that prevents starting of a car when it’s in gear.  This feature provides extra protection in case yours doesn’t.

Remote car starters provide security, safety, and convenience and with that in mind, we did research to find the best rated remote starters available.  Viper brand alarms and remote starters consistently rank the highest among all brands and it’s easy to see why.  Their quality, designs, and features set them apart.  You really can’t go wrong with a Viper remote starter and we’ve included 5 of their highest rated and most popular in our comparison chart for your review.


Take a look at our list and see if one of these capable Viper remote start systems is the best remote car starter for your needs!





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