A typical rearview mirror camera provides the ability to see what’s behind you when you reverse.  The newest rearview mirror camera system provides an amazing array of features beyond the backup camera.

Rearview Mirror Camera: AUTO-VOX M8 Camera System Intro ViewThe rearview mirror camera we are looking at in this article includes a front view camera, a lane departure warning system, parking surveillance with motion detection, monitor mode, and parking guard, a touchscreen operation interface, and 1296p HD resolution.

What else should you consider when choosing a rearview mirror backup camera system?

Display Size

As important as resolution and electronic features is the size of the display screen on the mirror camera.  Too often, rearview mirror backup cameras have small screens that nestle in the corner of the mirror and provide such a small view that even with HD resolution it’s hard to make out the scene behind the vehicle.


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Newer models are adding large displays that take up most of the mirror so that you get a clear image to the rear of your vehicle.  The large screen combined with high resolution means that you can feel confident that you will be able to see hazards that might interfere with backing up.

Field of View

Also important when backing up, is the ability to see objects right and left of center.  The wider the angle of your view, the more likely it is you will see a hazard even when it’s out of the center of the view.  Newer cameras have the widest viewing angle of up to 180 degrees.

Rearview Mirror Camera: AUTO-VOX M8 Camera System Kit ViewParking Surveillance

If you’re ever come out of the grocery store only to find that someone has damaged your car or truck and they are nowhere to be found, you will appreciate the newest parking surveillance systems.  A parking surveillance system with motion detection can detect motion and automatically record so that in the event someone damages your vehicle, you will have a record of the incident, even with the engine off.


Many backup camera systems require you to use a remote control or complicated buttons and switches to navigate their interfaces and control functions.  The newest rear-view camera systems have touchscreen interfaces that make navigation and control easier than ever with the touch of a finger.




We searched automotive forums, manufacturer sites, retail sites, social media, customer review sites, and consumer sites to find a popular rear view mirror backup camera with the best new features and capability.


Take a look at our choice and see if this rearview mirror backup camera is the best backup camera for your needs!


AUTO-VOX M8 Rearview Mirror Backup Camera Dash Cam

Rearview Mirror Camera: AUTO-VOX M8 Camera System Main ViewIt’s one thing to buy a rearview mirror camera system that helps you back up and still another to buy a system like the AUTO-VOX M8 Rearview Mirror Backup Camera Dash Cam that does so much more.  Sure, it’s a very competent backup camera with 1296p video resolution, a full 180-degree rear vision field of view, and the latest technology 6-layer optical glass lens options, but what really sets it apart is that it is also a fully functioning dash cam and has an integrated lane departure warning system and a parking surveillance system.  In other words, to say it’s a rearview mirror backup camera is a gross understatement of its capabilities.  It’s also a rear view mirror dash cam.  Its Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) is perfect for long drives as it warns you when you accidentally veer into an adjacent lane possibly preventing an accident.  Its comprehensive Parking Surveillance System protects you from unscrupulous drivers in parking lots by capturing video when the system detects motion in its range, even if you’re not in the vehicle.  Its large touchscreen display gives you a better view front or back and makes multi-function control simpler and easier.


Rearview Mirror Camera: Features

  • 1296p full HD backup camera system with front-facing dash cam
  • Integrated Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) sounds alert to the driver when vehicle veers into an adjacent lane
  • Large 6.86-inch IPS LCD touchscreen display screen gives the best view and makes menu control fast and easy





  • 180-degree rearview field of view eliminates blind spots while reversing
  • Multi-mode recording technology delivers three individual recording modes
  • Comprehensive parking surveillance system includes motion detection that will automatically record when it detects motion within its range, monitor mode, and parking guard so you can catch damage to your vehicle as it happens
  • IP68 waterproof camera rating insures that the camera will function and continue functioning even in wet weather

Rearview Mirror Camera: AUTO-VOX M8 Camera System Kit View

Customer Reviews

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  • Easy to install
  • Simple operation with touchscreen display
  • Large display shows exceptional detail
  • High quality mirror



  • Pricey
  • When backing up rear image may take too long to display












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Rearview Mirror Camera



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Most backup camera systems only offer a view to the rear of your vehicle without other features.  This camera system includes a forward view camera, motion detection, lane departure warning, and parking surveillance.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best rearview mirror camera for your needs!

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