You could buy a rearview mirror backup camera and a dash cam separately, but why would you when you have the choice of getting both in one device?  When you buy a rearview mirror backup camera you are definitely saving space on your dashboard or windshield, but if you want a dashcam too, you still end up with a device on your dashboard or windshield.

Rearview Mirror Backup Camera: KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Installed ViewNow you have the choice of getting both a dashboard camera and a backup camera system integrated into one rearview mirror backup camera system.  It takes up less space, needs less wiring, is easier to install, and has a more custom look.

It makes sense to put a backup camera system into your rearview mirror since when you back up that’s usually the first place you look.  Also, by combining a rearview mirror with a backup camera, you can see more than with the mirror by itself making it safer to back up.

Rearview Mirror Backup Camera: Installation 

There are different installation styles of rearview mirror backup cameras available.  If you want a fully integrated look, there are replacement mirrors.  To install a replacement mirror you must remove your existing mirror and install the new one.  There are also more universal installation types that simply clip on to your existing mirror.  Since vehicle backup mirrors are so varied in their size and configuration, you should check carefully that installing a clip-on mirror will actually function with your mirror and that it doesn’t interfere with existing mirror functionality like auto-dimming, compasses, and home link systems, for example.


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Video Display Size

You will undoubtedly give up some of your existing mirror’s real estate just because now you have a video display inside the mirror.  Since the display is inside the mirror it also tends to be smaller than other standalone displays.  Just having a car backup camera display doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to see what’s behind you.  The size of the display is an important consideration.





Unlike dash cams which you don’t normally view while driving, a rear view camera display is used while driving in reverse.  You are counting on the display to show you enough detail to help you back up safely.


We searched consumer sites, retail sites, forums, social media sites, customer review sites, and manufacturer sites to find a great rearview mirror backup camera system that will look good in your vehicle, has great performance and features, and is highly-rated.


Take a look at this new combination dashboard camera and car reverse camera system to see if it’s the best model for your needs!


KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Dual Lens Dash Cam and Backup Camera

Rearview Mirror Backup Camera: KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Main ViewYou may be looking for a backup camera system built-in to a rearview mirror, but what if you could get both a backup camera and dashboard camera all in one rearview mirror system.  That’s exactly what you get with the new KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Dual Lens Dash Cam and Backup Camera featuring a high-quality 2K Ultra HD dashcam that starts immediately when you start up your vehicle and a full HD rear camera that covers the rear of the vehicle in 140 degrees wide angle.  Its six-glass lenses deliver excellent quality images and magnificent detail and a 140-degree wide-angle view front and rear.  Its large 5-inch IPS display comes integrated into a high-end anti-glare mirror with a super-slim design that will look good in any vehicle.

Rearview Mirror Backup Camera: Features

  • Combination 2K Ultra HD 1296p dash cam and Full HD 1080p rear camera
  • Six-glass lenses deliver excellent quality images and magnificent detail and a 140-degree wide-angle view front and rear
  • Large, high quality, 5-inch IPS video display screen
  • Large, li-polymer 800mAh battery withstands high and low temperature exposure and lasts longer without recharging
  • High-end anti-glare mirror with super slim design
  • Supports larger 64 and 128GB SD cards
  • Quick-response support team for peace of mind
  • Auto-Off feature turns off the system if it does not detect vehicle movement within 5 minutes and allows you to use always-on power port or leave the system on without running your car battery down
  • Comes with 16GB microSD card
  • 1-Year limited warranty and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee





Rearview Mirror Backup Camera: KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Features ViewDashboard Camera

  • Records 2K Ultra HD 1296p video at 30 fps with H.264
    Extremely sensitive sensor
  • Dashcam starts recording immediately after turning on your ignition
  • Hands-free continuous loop recording
  • Emergency Lock Button and Automatic Accident Detection lock current video file against overwriting by loop recording
  • Integrated G-Sensor
  • Night Mode records high quality video even in low light conditions
  • WDR system provides better detail and clarity

Car Rear View Camera

  • Records Full HD 1920x1080p
  • Advanced Parking Mode will start recording for a short period when motion is detected

Customer Reviews

See KDLINKS R100 Ultra HD Dual Lens Dash Cam and Backup Camera Customer Reviews >>>



  • Easy to install
  • Excellent customer service
  • Quality construction and materials
  • Dual cameras are great



  • Buttons are hard to see at night
  • Some reports of glare and distortion from windshield
  • Should measure as the mirror is large and may interfere with some sun visors
  • Backup camera is not for outside mounting














Rearview Mirror Backup Camera: Comparison




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Most backup camera systems have a separate display that can be cumbersome to mount and takes up space on your dash or windshield.  A rear view mirror backup camera places the display exactly where you look normally when you backup and takes up no additional space.  We sincerely hope that we have provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best rearview mirror backup camera for your needs!

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