You’re shopping for a rearview camera to improve your safety and security while backing up and you need someRearview Camera Pyle PLCM3550WIR Wireless Backup Camera System In-Car View help choosing the right rearview camera system.  That’s what this article is about.  We found a great wireless automotive backup camera system that is very popular because of its performance and features.


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If you’ve read some of our other articles you will know that we don’t recommend wireless rearview camera systems because invariably they have interference problems between the wireless transmitter and receiver causing degraded or unusable video on the monitor.  So you need to go into this purchased forewarned that we recommend that you buy a wired system and have it professionally installed.  It is much more likely to provide the performance you’re looking for.

On the other hand, if you want to save money on the installation and either do it yourself or have a friend install it for you, it’s much easier to install one of the wireless backup camera systems than a wired one.  Truth be told, even a wireless backup camera system is not totally wireless.  They are called wireless because they eliminate the video cable you need to run between the camera and the video display.  It is the most difficult part of the installation because you have to find a way to route all that cable through your vehicle.




Other than that, wireless and wired systems become pretty much equal.  They both need a power source to run the car backup camera which means you either need to drill a hole somewhere near the license plate or take advantage of any existing holes for your license plate lights.  Then both are usually wired to the backup lights so that the system activates when the vehicle is in reverse only.

Wireless backup systems work best when the distance between the transmitter and receiver is the shortest.  That means that they usually work better on smaller vehicles than on large SUVs or trucks.  Unfortunately, there is no guide available to tell you whether the system will work well with your vehicle or not.  The only way to really tell is to install it on your vehicle.


What should you look for in a wireless camera system?


Water Resistance

The heart of any rearview camera system is the camera itself.  The reverse camera you choose should have a waterproof camera (IP67 rating) that is also fog resistant.

Rearview Camera Pyle PLCM3550WIR Wireless Backup Camera System Included SlideNight Operation

It should be low light capable (at least 0.2 LUX or better) for seeing to the rear even at night.

Mounting Scheme

There are many types of cameras with a variety of mounting schemes but, the easiest and cleanest to install are the license plate bracket models.   They prevent you from having to drill more holes to mount the camera.

Height Tiltable

Make sure that a camera mounted to the license plate bracket can be height adjusted via tilting or you may be stuck with a view to the rear that isn’t ideal.

Viewing Angle

Viewing angle is important when it comes to any car camera.  Make sure the camera you choose has at 170 degree or better angle so that you can capture the whole area behind your vehicle.

Some cameras come with a built-in distance scale line display to help with backing up your vehicle and it is a really nice feature to have.


Video Monitor


Video monitor sizes for GPS and back up cameras have gotten larger over time.  This can be both a blessing and a curse.  A 7-inch video display definitely provides a better picture of what’s behind you than a 3.5-inch display, but it also takes up a lot of space on your dashboard.  You certainly don’t want to buy a system with less than a 3.5-inch display, but think about where you will put a 7-inch display.  Remember that you only use it when you back up and otherwise it’s just going to sit mounted to your dash or windshield and take up real estate.

Automatic Activation

For any wifi camera system you buy, the monitor should activate automatically when it receives a video signal and the signal from the backup camera should take priority over other possible inputs.


We found a very popular model after research on forums, retail sites, customer review sites, and manufacturer sites.  It gets very high ratings in all categories and it’s manufactured by a highly regarded maker of reverse camera systems.


Take a look at this best-rated model and see if it is the best back up camera system for your needs!


Pyle PLCM3550WIR Wireless Backup Camera Kit

Rearview Camera Pyle PLCM3550WIR Wireless Backup Camera Front ViewBackup cameras are becoming the norm and in fact will become mandatory on new cars and trucks in just a few years.  The reason is the extra safety they provide to avoid accidents and to assist with parking.  A great example of a highly rated model is the Pyle PLCM3550WIR Wireless Backup Camera Kit.  This model has all the features and specifications that you’re looking for in a rearview camera system.  Its 3.5-inch display will mount easily to the dash or windshield without taking up too much space and its camera mounts to your license plate bracket and can be tilted for the perfect viewing angle.  The system is wireless which makes installation a breeze and Pyle gives you a 1-Year limited warranty for peace of mind.  Here’s what you need to know.



  • Marine-grade IP67 waterproof and fog resistant camera mounts easily to your rear license plate bracket and is tiltable for the best rearview camera coverage
  • Night vision low light capable camera has a low lux performance of 0.2 Lux
  • Camera has a wide viewing angle of 170 degrees
  • 3.5-inch slim video display conveniently mounts to your dashboard or windshield with included mounting arm
  • Video display has reverse camera priority signal sense and automatic activation when the video signal is received
  • Built-in parking assistance scale lines provide accurate distance cues to objects behind your vehicle
  • Wireless transmission distance of approximately 100 feet
  • 1-Year limited warranty





ProsRearview Camera Pyle PLCM3550WIR Wireless Backup Camera Kit View

  • Easy to install and configure
  • Quality construction and materials
  • Automatically activates in reverse



  • Wireless signal subject to outside interference
  • Screen too small


Also available in the PLCM4375WIR model which has a larger 4.3 inch display screen.  >>>




Rearview Camera System


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