There are plenty of rear bumper protector solutions on the market, but only one of them is designed to mount in your receiver hitch.  Receiver hitch mounting makes this rear bumper protector one of the easiest to install on the market.

Rear Bumper Protector: HitchHammer Rear Hitch Mounted Bumper Guard Mounted ViewYou simply insert the rear bumper protector into your receiver hitch, insert the included hitch pin, and you’re protected.


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Another advantage of a receiver hitch-mounted bumper guard is its low profile.  Most rear bumper guards cover the entire bumper and in many cases, could be considered an eyesore.  A hitch-mounted bumper guard is small, but because of its design, still provides adequate protection for straight-on impact protection.




A hitch-mounted rear bumper protector solution isn’t just for trucks.  Many SUVS, large and small, can be equipped with hitches that will accept a hitch-mounted bumper protector.

Whether you’re parked or backing up, a rear bumper guard can prevent damage including dents and scratches from minor impacts.  A hitch-mounted guard just makes the process of installing and removing the protector that much easier.


We searched automotive forums, manufacturer sites, customer review sites, social media, retail sites, and consumer sites for hitch-mounted bumper protectors and we only found one.


Take a look at this HitchHammer rubber bumper guard and see if it’s the best bumper guard for your needs!


HitchHammer Hitch-Mounted Flexible Rubber Rear Bumper Guard

Rear Bumper Protector: HitchHammer Rear Hitch Mounted Bumper Guard Main ViewIf you’re looking for a way to protect your rear bumper or protect other vehicles that may run into the rear of your SUV or truck, the HitchHammer Hitch-Mounted Flexible Rubber Rear Bumper Guard provides an easy-to-use and clean looking alternative to bulky full bumper protectors.  It’s made from flexible, hard rubber that flexes on impact to cushion parking-related low impact incidents that may dent, ding, or scratch your SUV, truck, or car.  Heavy duty, it weighs 4.25 lbs. and protects even in hot or cold weather where some materials lose their protection.  It has a durable, sand-blasted surface texture that will last even after numerous compressions.  You can count on this rear bumper protector to compress and then return to its original shape over and over.  Its high-grade rubber material will never rust or bend out of shape like metal or crack like cheap plastic products.  Easy to install, it fits standard 2-inch receiver hitches and includes a 5/8-inch zinc-plated hitch pin.





Rear Bumper Protector: Features

  • 2-Inch, receiver hitch-mounted, heavy-duty rubber rear bumper guard for trucks and SUVs
  • Durable, flexible rubber material stays flexible in cold weather and is designed to compress and return to its original shape over and over
  • Unique hitch-mounted design is easy to install and remove when needed and is more convenient to use than full bumper protectors
  • Its 4.25 lbs. of rubber won’t rust like metal or crack like cheap plastic
  • Rear Bumper Protector: HitchHammer Rear Hitch Mounted Bumper Guard SUV ViewFits standard 2-inch receiver hitches on SUVs and trucks
  • Comes with a 5/8-inch zinc-plated, corrosion-resistant hitch pin


Customer Reviews

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  • Excellent value for the protection
  • Quality construction and materials
  • Heavyweight protection
  • No ugly bumper protector required



  • Must remove to use hitch











Rear Bumper Protector



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There are plenty of rear bumper guard solutions, but nothing could be easier than sliding the protector into you hitch receiver.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best rear bumper protector for your vehicle!

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