If you’ve ever wanted pickup truck ramps to help load an ATV, motorcycle, snowblower, or lawn tractor, you know that they make loading equipment into the back of your pickup truck easier, faster, and safer.  Pickup truck ramps come in a variety of designs, weight capacities, and materials depending on what you’re attempting to load.

Pickup Truck Ramps: MotoAlliance Aluminum Ramp Pair Intro ViewThis article is about some 1,500 lbs. load capacity pickup truck ramps that should be plenty for any ATV, UTV, lawn tractor, motorcycle, golf cart, snowblower, or other common equipment.

What should you look for in the right pickup truck ramps?

Weight Capacity

Probably the most important specification for any loading ramps is their load capacity.  Pay careful attention to how the load capacity is specified.  Is the capacity for the truck ramps each ramp or for both ramps combined?


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Ramp Weight

Ramp material can make a tremendous difference in both the weight of the pickup truck ramps and the load capacity.  Aluminum ramps are popular for their lightweight designs, but steel will generally give you more load capacity for the same dimensions.  The main advantage of aluminum ramps is their maneuverability and corrosion resistance, but if you’re looking for heavy-duty operation in a harsh environment, then steel will probably be a better choice.





Just because you need a 7-foot or larger ramp to comfortably reach the bed of your pickup truck, doesn’t mean that you must haul around 7-foot truck loading ramps.  Many ramps, particularly aluminum models, feature a hinged folding feature that allows you to fold the ramps in half for easier Pickup Truck Ramps: MotoAlliance Aluminum Ramp Pair Intro2 Viewtransport and storage.  Having a hinge in the middle will generally reduce the load capacity depending on the hinge’s strength, but for most, the transport and storage advantage of folding truck bed ramps is important.


Probably the number one fear when using ramps, other than they aren’t strong enough for the load, is that they will slide off the bed during loading and fall to the ground.  Most ramps include straps or other safety devices that will keep them securely attached to the pickup bed.  Make sure that the safety method use is truly failsafe.


If your ramps are smooth, then it will be more difficult to load in wet weather such as rain or snow.  Look for ramps with a textured design that the wheels of your load can grasp onto for a more surefooted load.


We searched truck forums, social media, manufacturer sites, retail sites, customer review sites, and consumer sites to find the most popular and highly rated pickup truck loading ramps.


Take a look at our choice and see if these lightweight, aluminum ramps are the best truck loading ramps for your needs!


MotoAlliance EVOLUTION 7.5 ft 1500 lb. Capacity Aluminum Ramp Pair

Pickup Truck Ramps: MotoAlliance Aluminum Ramp Pair Main ViewMotoAlliance is a full-service powersports company with headquarters just outside Minneapolis, MN. Their mission is to develop high-quality powersports accessories while providing expert support and service throughout the buying process and beyond.  Their MotoAlliance EVOLUTION 7.5 ft 1500 lb. Capacity Aluminum Ramp Pair is one of the most popular and highly rated ramps out there.  They feature a 1,500 lb. load capacity which is perfect for ATVs, UTVs, lawn tractors and mowers, motorcycles, dirt bikes, utility carts, golf carts, snowblowers, and many more.  Constructed from the highest quality aluminum, they are very lightweight and corrosion resistant.  Their arched design provides better clearance while adding to their strength.  Integrated hinges allow you to fold the ramps in half for compact storage and easy transport.  They have a wide 11.25-inch tread with that makes them more secure while loading.  Safety features include rubber tipped fingers that adhere to your bed and adjustable safety straps to hold the ramps securely against the bed.


Pickup Truck Ramps: Features

  • 7.5-foot, 1,500 lb. load capacity, folding aluminum pickup truck loading ramps
  • Arched design increases capacity and provides for better clearance
  • High-quality aluminum construction means lightweight maneuverability and corrosion resistance
  • Hinged design allows you to fold the ramps in half for compact storage and easy transport
  • Wide 11.25-inch tread width provide a more stable platform
  • Rubber-tipped fingers and adjustable safety straps hold the ramps securely against the pickup truck bed for safer operation
  • Integrated traction surface with raised side rails prevents slipping in wet conditions
  • Solid plate kit design
  • No assembly required
  • Made in the USA
  • Pickup Truck Ramps: MotoAlliance Aluminum Ramp Pair Kit ViewRamps measure 89L x 12W inches extended and 45.25L x 12W inches folded and weigh 31 lbs.


Customer Reviews

See MotoAlliance 7.5 ft 1500 lb. Capacity Aluminum Ramp Pair Customer Reviews >>>



  • Durable and lightweight construction and materials
  • Easy to maneuver and use
  • Folded can fit behind the seat on a full-size pickup truck
  • High-quality aluminum build






  • Some sharp edges to watch out for
  • Included straps are not the best quality














Pickup Truck Ramps



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Truck ramps make the process of loading and unloading ATVs, tractors, and motorcycles much faster, easier, and safer.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the right pickup truck ramps for your needs!

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