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There are a lot of no drill bracket claims out there from several companies all claiming that their brackets are no-drill brackets. In reality, most of them do require drilling, only under the bumper where you can’t see it. I think for most people that’s okay, but it probably bothers most that they aren’t truly no-drill brackets.

Perhaps you’ve decided to take your chances with no front plate. After all, how often do people get pulled over for no plate? Well if you believe the online stories on the automobile and truck forums, it appears to happen a lot more than you might think and if the officer decides to be a stickler about it, the fine can be substantial. Some on the forums have said they made the mistake of running without a front plate and paid the price. Now they will always wear the front plate.

No Drill Bracket Sly Brackets Toyota Tacoma Bracket ViewThere is one bracket that is a true no-drill front license plate bracket designed specifically for the Toyota Tacoma pickup. Instead of mounting it to the underside of the bumper, this model uses a snap-on design that not only doesn’t require drilling, but is much easier and faster to install.

New Toyota: No Drill Bracket

If you really care about your truck, value its clean front bumper, and want the no-drill look, it’s important when buying a new truck to make sure, particularly in a front license plate state, that you tell the dealer not to install the OEM bracket. Then you can buy one of these no-drill brackets from Sly Brackets and you will be in business.





Snap-on doesn’t sound very durable, are these brackets really secure? Sly Brackets says that their brackets have been tested in all types of weather by many customers all over the country and they came through with flying colors. They have proven to be a very strong and durable alternative to drilling holes in your bumper. In fact, even without using any installation screws, Sly Brackets warrants that their front license plate brackets are as strong as a permanent tag holder.


Stolen Brackets

What about that snap-on design? Won’t somebody steal my plate if it’s so easy to put on and remove? Sly Brackets has designed theirNo Drill Bracket Sly Brackets Toyota Tacoma Single View brackets to prevent unauthorized removal once the license plate is installed.



Installation is literally a “snap!” The company claims you can install their bracket with no tools in just 5 minutes right on the lower grill opening.


Bracket Styles

Sly Brackets makes two different bracket styles which are available for model years 2005-2011 and 2012-2015.





If you own a Toyota Tacoma and you really want a no drill bracket, then a Sly Brackets real no-drill front license plate bracket is the only way to go.

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No Drill Bracket


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