A motorcycle dolly is a simple way to move your motorcycle around your garage or shop without having to do the wrangling you would normally have to do.  You may not even have enough room in your garage to efficiently move your motorcycle when you need to and that’s where a motorcycle dolly comes in.

Motorcycle Dolly: Extreme Max 5001-5077 1250 Lb 76-Inch Standard Intro ViewThere are a variety of motorcycle dollies available.  The most popular motorcycle dolly has a low profile, so you can drive right on to it and a kickstand extension to the side.  That way you can simply put the kickstand down and the motorcycle is all set.  You should secure the motorcycle to the dolly so that there is no chance of an accidental drop while you’re moving it.

Designed for hard surfaces, if your garage or shop has holes in the concrete is uneven and not level, most of the low-profile dollies will be hard to use.  If you have a smooth surface to roll on, then a low-profile bike dolly is the way to go.


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What should you consider when choosing a bike dolly?

Weight Capacity

One thing to consider when choosing a motorcycle garage dolly is its weight capacity.  Most motorcycle movers can handle most motorcycles.  The heaviest motorcycle at the time of this writing according to visordown.com is the Harley CVO Road Glide Ultra weighing in at a hefty 968 lbs.  That weight is well within the 1,250 lb. capacity of the motorcycle dolly we’re looking at in this article.

Motorcycle Dolly: Extreme Max 5001-5077 1250 Lb 76-Inch Standard Slanted ViewTire Width

While most motorcycle dollies can handle most motorcycles, if you have a chopper with an outrageous rear tire or another motorcycle with extra-wide tires, a standard dolly won’t work.  The model we’re looking at has a 7.5-inch width and the area for the motorcycle tires is more of a trough than a shelf, so you will need to stay within that width.


A standard 76-inch length dolly will accommodate most motorcycles easily.  Some motorcycles have extra long wheelbases that may push the bike past the 76 inches.  Be sure that any dolly you’re considering can handle the length of your bike.

Low Profile

A low-profile bike dolly lets you drive right up on the dolly, put the kickstand down, and dismount without a problem.  If you are in a situation where you don’t have help to get a bike on and off a motorcycle dolly, you should consider a low-profile model.




We searched motorcycle forums, manufacturer sites, consumer sites, customer review sites, social media, and retail sites to find the most popular and highly rated bike dollies.


Take a look at our choice and see if this low-profile dolly is the best motorcycle dolly for your needs!


Extreme Max 5001.5077 76-Inch 1250 Lb. Bike Dolly

Motorcycle Dolly: Extreme Max 5001-5077 1250 Lb 76-Inch Standard Main ViewExtreme Max Products builds products that exceed expectations for withstanding high speeds, low temperatures, deep powder, long days in the water and sun, or muddy rough and tumble terrain.  A perfect example is their Extreme Max 5001.5077 76-Inch 1250 Lb. Bike Dolly that features a low profile for easy loading, a large 1250 lb. capacity, and a durable, long-lasting coating that resists corrosion.  This model will accommodate a tire width of 7.5 inches and has a large kickstand extension that can fit any kickstand regardless of positioning.  Easy to load, just roll your motorcycle straight on, put the kickstand down, flip up the carriage at each end, and simply glide your motorcycle anywhere in your garage or shop you want.  This model is intended for use on smooth surfaces only and you should always secure your bike to the dolly before moving it.  This is the perfect way to store your motorcycle and save space in your shop or garage.


Motorcycle Dolly: Features

  • 76-inch, 1250 lb., low profile bike dolly
  • Can accommodate tire widths up to 7.5 inches edge to edge
  • A flip-up carriage with stop pins at each end chock the tires and keep the bike from rolling off
  • Side kickstand tray extension fits kickstands on any standard-size motorcycle
  • Interior dimensions of the tire trough are 76L x 7.5W inches
  • Low profile design provides an easy entrance and exit to the dolly
  • Powder-coated surface resists rust and corrosion





Customer Reviews

See Extreme Max 5001.5077 76-Inch 1250 Lb. Bike Dolly Customer Reviews >>>


Motorcycle Dolly: Extreme Max 5001-5077 1250 Lb 76-Inch Standard Slanted ViewPros

  • Excellent value
  • Heavy-duty construction and materials
  • Very stable and easy to move around



  • No assembly directions
  • Some complaints that the dimension won’t fit some bikes that should fit
  • Inferior quality bolts















Motorcycle Dolly




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A dolly is an easy way to store and move your bike around your garage or shop.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best motorcycle dolly for your needs!

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