License Plate Topper: Here are 7 of the coolest license plate toppers


If you want to get a good license plate topper for your vehicle, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to cover some of the most popular license plate toppers to make your vehicle’s license plate stand out on the road. It’s incredibly easy to do, it’s easy on the eyes and surprisingly it can be very easy on the wallet. Let’s get started with the top 7 coolest license plate toppers available online.


There’s really no better way to personalize your license plate than to add some flare with a topper. It is amazing the effect these little adornments will have on the image of your ride. They really easily set the mood of what your ride stands for.

From cartoon characters to road signs, you can find just about anything nowadays to adorn your license plate with. Let’s take a look at some of the various themes available.

Top 7 License Plate Topper

The Route 66 Classic


What a classic topper. The Route 66 is great for convertibles or really anything that gives off the vibe of ‘cruising’ – Route 66 is the epitome of the ‘cruise’ as seen in many Hollywood flicks. The theme of this topper is, ‘kick back and relax, because we’re going to enjoy the ride.’ You’re going to be promoting cool and safe at the same time. This is truly a cult classic and a fan favorite. Keep in mind that just because it is popular doesn’t mean you’re likely to see it everywhere. You’ll be stylish and unique with this topper just as with any other. Even those folks who are interested in styling out their plate often forget or just plain don’t even know about these cool toppers. But they’re out there and of course they’re right here. So let’s check out some more shall we ?


The Pegasus

The pegasus is perfect for classic cars. It has the dim sheen with purposefully imperfect paint. It is very reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s. Any classic, vintage or antique car could benefit from the presence of this classic topper.


Shiny Safety

A kind reminder for safety is always a big plus on the road. Given the number of yearly accidents on the highways and byways of the United States and abroad you could never be too mindful of yours and others safety. And there’s no better way to remind than with a shiny star that exudes the authority of patrol. The star comes complete with five shiny ballpoints as well.

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Classic Safety


With a slightly larger circular red gem and a dusty old and dirty look, this would be great for a restored antique car or truck, perhaps even an old fire truck for car shows or events. This would look great on farm equipment and tractors, anything road worthy you might drive on a farm or ranch could benefit from the vibe of this great piece. Definitely a piece of art, I could see this one on a great big truck as well, new or otherwise; no complaints on the look and feel of this classic safety topper.

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Subtlety is key with Felix the cat

There really is nothing like subtlety when it comes to design and that includes adornments of any kind. Imagine for instance a white or black car with very few if any well placed stickers. But beyond the paint job and personalized plate, simply adding Felix will give your car the subtle touch that speaks volumes about what you promote. If you promote a kind and friendly vibe, playful and charming Felix is the way to go. This Felix license plate topper features a shiny sheen and some purposeful imperfections to give the homemade look. Felix would also present well with classic and antique cars, and really on cars of any flavor. 

Kitty Kat Vintage License Plate Topper


The Kitty Kat Bowtie Black Tuxedo license plate topper is a relic from the 40’s and 50’s perfect for antique cars, but even a luxury car would benefit from the character by contrast of its strange nature. It would  make a great gift for others or even for yourself. It is both cute and creepy at the same time and will definitely get some looks on the road. This license plate topper measures 5″ tall and 4″ wide and weighs just under a pound at 13 ounces. Definitely a topper worth considering!


I wanted to make sure I included the personalization option. This is great for FIRE/EMS folks that are on-call driving around in their unmarked vehicles. You can get custom text added to your topper and have it shipped to you next day. It’s a great option and it is definitely a great bargain. It is not clear whether this has to be used for FIRE/EMS or if you can get it completely customized to read as you please. Although sensibly it seems as though you should be able to get whatever you’d like to read across the entirety, so check it out and see and let us know in the comments how your experience is with this license plate topper. 

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