For those of you that have read our latest article listing all the available no-drill front license plate brackets know that there a several designs available.  The problem is that each license plate mounting bracket has a limited range of vehicles that are compatible.  In particular, vehicles with grills, but no tow hole mounts or reasonable mounting points under the front bumper have had to jury rig other solutions.  We published an article awhile back with just such a DIY solution.

License Plate Mounting Bracket: BOZZmount No-Drill Relocator View 2In truth, a license plate mounting bracket may require you to drill holes, but the holes are hidden.  DIY solutions for your vehicle’s grill are true no-drill solutions, but they don’t work for all vehicles.

Enter Sly Brackets, LLC, a company that understands how passionate you are about your car or truck and how a front license plate that is poorly placed can ruin the pleasing aesthetic that drew you to your vehicle in the first place.  They also understand the importance of having a law-abiding front license plate.  They have dedicated themselves to providing a license plate mounting bracket that allows you to safely attach the front license plate to the front of your vehicle while at the same time maintaining your vehicle’s classic look without having to drill any holes.

Their first offering was for Toyota Tacomas.  We wrote about these innovative, true no-drill brackets awhile back in this Toyota Tacoma no-drill license plate bracket article.


Interested in see other front license plate bracket solutions?  Be sure and see our articles about all of the best available!


It is a true no-drill bracket for the Toyota pickup, meaning that you don’t have to drill holes anywhere, even hidden ones, and it’s very easy to install.  Their goal all along was to design a true no-drill bracket, along the lines of the Tacoma bracket that will fit most vehicles and be just as easy to install as their current bracket.




License Plate Mounting Bracket: BOZZmount No-Drill Relocator ViewA two-year odyssey of design, redesign, testing, and retesting has led them to their latest invention called BOZZmounts.  BOZZmounts are versatile no-drill front license plate brackets that are as simple as possible for anyone to install.

They chose to fund their design partially as a Kickstarter project using funding from backers who discovered their project on the Kickstarter crowdfunding site.

Their patent was filed, suppliers were selected, tooling was paid for, and manufacturing begun.  They have also set up detailed shipping plans with a freight forwarding company to minimize shipping delays.  Now the wait is finally over!


You may not realize the importance of BOZZmounts, but here at, we do!  That’s why we contributed to their cause to help them get this new design off the ground and give our readers a much needed no-drill bracket option.


If you need this type of bracket for your vehicle, please read on to find out how innovative and groundbreaking BOZZmounts is!


License Plate Mounting Bracket: BOZZmounts Design

License Plate Mounting Bracket: BOZZmounts MG No-Drill Mounted ViewBOZZmounts are no-drill license plate mounting brackets constructed from high-grade aluminum that don’t require drilling holes in your front bumper, are compatible with cars, trucks, minivans, and SUVs, and install in just a few minutes.

BOZZmounts are Sly Bracket’s 2nd Generation TRUE no-drill front license plate brackets that don’t require you to drill holes or modify your vehicle to install one.

This license plate mounting bracket system includes corrosion-resistant stainless steel screws and lock washers, a durable matte black powder-coated aluminum plate holder, a matte black anodized mount, and an EPDM rubber octagon stopper.

Each BOZZmount will also come with a generous 1-Year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship.




License Plate Mounting Bracket: BOZZmounts HD No-Drill Mounted ViewDo you need a BOZZmount no-drill front license plate mounting bracket?

  • Are you about to purchase or just purchased a brand new vehicle and don’t want to drill holes into your beautiful new bumper?
  • Are you driving around without a front license plate hoping to never get pulled over by the police?
  • Are you having trouble finding a no-drill license plate mounting bracket made especially for your vehicle?
  • Do you place your license plate on your dashboard to avoid mounting it?
  • Did you use zip ties to strap your license plate to the front grill?
  • Is your permanently installed license plate crooked on the front of your vehicle?
  • Did you just move from a state that doesn’t require front license plates to one that does?
  • Do you want control over where you mount your front license plate to place it where it looks best to you?
  • Do you live in a state that doesn’t require front license plates, but want to install a vanity or novelty plate without having to drill holes in your front bumper?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are definitely a candidate for BOZZmounts.

How does a BOZZmount work?



Many vehicles have grills that allow air to get to the radiator.  Some vehicles even have more than one.  The most common types of front grilles are horizontal and mesh or honeycomb-style grilles.  BOZZmounts HG are designed for horizontal grilles and BOZZmounts MG are for honeycomb or mesh style grilles.  BOZZmounts can be installed on the upper or lower grille of the vehicle.

The design of BOZZmounts doesn’t depend on the year, make, or model of your vehicle or whether it is imported or domestic.  It is only dependent on the style of your grill.  Their two design can be quickly and easily adjusted to fit your particular horizontal or mesh grill on most vehicles.

Where can I buy it?

BOZZmounts are finally here and you can get one right now!  If you are in the market for a license plate mounting bracket that doesn’t require you to drill holes in your bumper, you owe it to yourself to check out this new design.



For a limited time they are even offering a $20 rebate when you email them photos of your installed bracket!!



Buy the BOZZmounts MG for mesh grills here >>>

Buy the BOZZmounts HG for horizontal grills here >>>

License Plate Mounting Bracket: No Drill




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What do you think of this innovative license plate mounting bracket?  Which no-drill bracket solution are you planning to buy?  Please take a moment to leave a comment below.

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If your vehicle has a compatible grill style and you’re looking for a no-drill license plate mounting bracket, you need to take a look at this exciting new solution that is coming soon to vehicles everywhere.  We sincerely hope that the information we have provided is valuable in helping you identify the license plate mounting bracket that is best for your car or truck!

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