License Plate Mount: 7 Things You Need To Know

A license plate mount and a license plate bracket are the same thing when you’re searching on the internet. If you’re looking for a specific mount designed for your car, it can be difficult to find. Here are 7 valuable tips to help you find the mount you’re looking for.

7 License Plate Mount Tips

1. Are You Searching For The Right Thing?

ALicense Plate Mount Front Black license plate mount is usually not the same as a license plate frame. There are many sites that have frames for sale but, they’re not designed to hold your license plate on the vehicle. For that you need a license plate bracket or mount. You may find that license plate bracket gives you better search results than license plate mount.

2. Don’t Forget The Hardware

Mount License Plate Front HardwareMake sure any bracket or mount you buy comes with the necessary hardware to install the mount. It is very common for the mounts to come without any hardware. If you like the mount and it doesn’t have hardware you will need to buy the hardware separately at additional cost.

3. OEM or Aftermarket

Mostly folks are looking for vehicle front license plate brackets or mounts because vehicles usually come with a back mount already installed. Front mounts can be specifically designed for your License Plate Mount Chrome Bracket Frontmake and model of vehicle. They can also be designed to be more generic to fit many different vehicles. Those designed for your vehicle are called OEM or OE mounts or brackets (Original Equipment Manufacturer). Aftermarket parts of all kinds can either be designed for a specific vehicle or to fit many vehicles. It’s your choice if you want something closely matching your vehicle or designed for many vehicles.

4. To Drill Or Not To Drill

Aftermarket mounts can also be designed for looks or to protect bumpers orMount License Plate Front No Drill Bracket they can have highly specialized designs such as “no drilling, no hardware mounts” and motorcycle “no bumper” mounts. If you own a supercar or at least care about the mounting of your license plate then you should look into brackets or mounts where no drilling is required. They are more expensive of course but, they will protect your precious car, truck, or motorcycle from holes.

5. Who Cares About The Mount?

You should care about your license plate mount. You only have to go through one hard carwash to separate the quality mounts from the cheaper ones. Your mount should be made of a tough material or metal that can withstand the harsh environments they will be subjected to and keep your plate from falling off or being damaged. It varies from state to state how difficult it is to replace one plate. The one thing I know is that you want to avoid the DMV at all costs to save you time, hassle, and money.

6. How Much Should You Pay?

License Plate Bracket Mount Dollar Sign LogoThis is the $25 question. If you’re paying more than $30 + Shipping you are buying a specialty mount or you are paying too much for an OE mount. Be sure and shop around because brackets and mounts can vary in price dramatically between auto parts sites.

7. Where should I Buy?

Should I buy online? If you’re in a hurry to buy a license plate mount and you want to save shipping costs, youBracket Mount Front License Plate Car Brand Logos can buy aftermarket generic mounts from any auto parts stores including AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, Pep Boys, or NAPA just to give a few examples. If you want an OE mount in a hurry, you should go to your vehicle’s dealer whether it’s a car dealer, a truck dealer, or a motorcycle dealer. If you’re not in a hurry and you want the best price, even with shipping, then you should probably buy online.

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I hope this article has given you some valuable tips that will help you choose save time and money when buying a license plate mount.

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