Scrolling LED License Plate Light FrameLicense Plate Light: 4 Best Buying Secrets

You have come to this article because either you are interested in a light bulb for your rear license plate light on your car, a license plate mount with a light for a trailer or truck, a cool LED lighted license plate frame, a cool mount or bracket with a light for a motorcycle, or something similar. This article will help you get the right thing when you’re searching on the web.


Secrets Of Buying A License Plate Light

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could save some time on what you’re looking for?  That is exactly what these secrets are about…saving you time and money!  Take a look at our 4 secrets below:

1. License Plate Light Bulb

You might be thinking that Amazon is the way to go but, my experience says that it’s hard to find a license plate light bulb for your make and model of car on Amazon. Also, a drawback to buying a bulb on the internet is that there is a good chance that the shipping will cost more than the bulb.

So what should you do? I’m going to recommend eventually that you go to a local auto parts, truck parts, boat parts, or motorcycle parts store but, before you go you should do a little preparation to speed up your visit.License Plate Rear Light Bulb

Pick your auto parts store. Some choices include AutoZone, Advance Auto Parts, NAPA Auto Parts, Pep Boys, or the parts department of the dealer that sold you your car such as your Chevrolet Dealer’s parts department. If this is for a trailer like a boat trailer, you should go to your local boat dealer or your local trailer sales company. If this is for a motorcycle, go to your local motorcycle dealer’s parts department such as your Harley-Davidson Parts Department.

Autozone License Plate Light LogoLet’s say that you picked AutoZone.
1) Go to AutoZone’s website,
2) Under Vehicles at the top of the website click on Add A Vehicle.
3) Pick your Year, Make, Model, and Engine.
4) Enter Your Zip Code and AutoZone will list a store near you.
5) Enter License Plate Light in the search box under the AutoZone logo.
6) Then choose License Plate Bulb if it’s available. I chose a 2002 Nissan Quest minivan and they had a license plate bulb for it. You should notice if you click on the name of the item, in this case Sylvania/License Plate Light Bulb, that the item is specifically for your make and model.
7) Be sure to notice if the Store Pick Up radio button to the right is highlighted. If it is not, then it’s not in stock at the store.
8) If it’s available from the store, take down the Part Number and go to the store that was referenced on the site.
Make sure you pick a parts store near you. At some sites adding a vehicle may be part of the search process like it is at In each case, make sure that the product entry mentions that it is specifically for your vehicle.

Go to to start your search

2. Trailer License Plate Mount With Light Or Light Alone

Make sure you are picking the right light for your trailer. For example, boat trailer license plate mounts need lights that are waterproof. Check out the newer LED lights which last much longer than the incandescent ones we’re used to.

Searching for a trailer license plate light is easier on than for a license plate light bulb. I searched Amazon for a trailer license plate light and found about 300 entries, not all of which are actually light. Using Amazon will give you an idea of the style Boat Trailer Light License Plate Mountyou’re looking for and about what you should pay for that style.

Then, like in the previous section, I recommend that you buy the light or mount with light locally. There are a couple of reasons. First, if you’re not handy with wiring and DC electrical, a lot of times the trailer retailer will install the light or mount and light for you for minimal cost if you bought it there. Second, the shipping cost may make up a significant part of the cost of the item. If you buy locally you don’t have to pay to have it shipped to you. Once you know the style you’re looking for contact your local trailer retailer, boat retailer, or other trailer superstore and tell them what you’re looking for. If you’re not as worried about style, you can go to the store and let them help you pick one.

The best way to find a trailer retailer in your area is to go to, enter your zip code in the address box and search on trailer license plate mounts or boat trailer license plate mounts. Depending on where you, you should find a trailer retailer near you. Truck stops are another good source you can use to find trailer license plate mounts and trailer lights.

3. Cool LED Lighted License Plate Frames

These are harder to find at your local stores although some of the auto parts store do carry them. There are three basic types; ones that just light the license plate, ones that just have LED’s, and scrolling LED signs on the frame itself. The trouble is that their selection will not be as good as some of the sites on the internet or License Plate Frame Mount

A search on LED license plate frame on returned about 753 results not all of which were LED license plate frames. This is a great place to find a style you’re interested in and to compare some online retailers. Search Amazon on LED license plate frames and look through to find one that you like. Click on the link below More Buying Choices to get a list of online retailers that carry that style and the prices and site rankings. Interestingly, I noticed for the style I chose that all the retailers were gift stores and none of them were auto parts stores. Once you have the retailer that you’re interested in, go to their site directly and compare prices. Sometimes the retailer will give better prices on their site than they advertise on Amazon.

See License Plate Light On

4. Motorcycle License Plate Frames, Mounts, or Brackets

Are you looking for away to dress up your bike or maybe get a license plate bracket that doesn’t Plasma Glow License Plate Frame Lightrequire a rear fender? There are side mounts, curved mounts, swing-arm mounts, fender eliminator mounts, chrome mounts, Side Mount Motorcycle License Plate Bracketblack-out mounts, flag mounts, street glow, vertical mounts, horizontal mounts, and others. There are a lot of choices and you can see them all on The trouble is finding one that will fit your bike. If you ride a Harley-Davidson, chances are it’s going to say in the ad that the part is for your bike. Other brands may not be as fortunate and may have to settle for a more generic part. Search on Amazon and then get a list of the merchants. Look through the merchants for that product and visit their site directly to see if you can get a better price. Some retailers will match other prices online, so if there is a site you trust, with a price match guarantee, be sure to call them to try and get the price match.

See Motorcycle License Plate Frame or Motorcycle License Plate Mount On

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I hope this article has been helpful to you by providing some secrets to searching for a license plate light on the internet.

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