License Plate Holder: 5 Best Online Custom Frame Shops

Custom license plate holders or frames are very popular these days.  You can get anything from plain to your favorite sports team to hand-painted and everything in between.  If you’re looking for a license plate holder of any kind you have come to the right place.  I’m going to show you the 5 best places to buy them online and hopefully save you some money in the process.

License Plate Holder – Best Places To Buy Custom Online

When it comes to buying online there are a couple of things you should know first.  If you just want a plain license plate frame you should not buy it online.  You can search for it online to find what’s available and to do some pricing but, once you’ve found what you need, go directly to the store and save the shipping charges.  I recommend Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts because they usually have a good selection of standard holders but, really any auto parts store should carry them.

Search on Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts

If you need something more customized, personalized or custom-looking then you should buy online.  We selected the sites in our Top 5 categories of custom license plate frames based on what products they are known for such as personalization and sports teams.

License Plate Holder for Sports Fans

license plate holder one stop fan shop logoThis is a great site which really is a “one-stop” wonder. You can find all kinds of unique license plate holder items by themselves and in bundles with other fan items for you or as a gift.  This is the place to go if you want to cover all your sports teams in one place.

Another fun site that includes all of your sports teams and some limited NASCAR items. license plate holder sports fan shop logo Easy to use and easy to buy, this site is definitely worth checking out.

license plate holder team fanatics logoYou will find just about any sports team license plate holder you may want on this site.  It truly caters to the sports fanatic in all of us.


Don’t overlook EBay Stores when doing your search.  You can find some of the best prices license plate holder fanatics logoonline at this EBay sports fanatic store.

Professional Team Stores

Although not always the best price, you may be able to find a license plate holder that isn’t available anywhere else.  Keep these stores in mind when searching for your favorite team’s license plate frame.

Personalized License Plate Holder

This site has a large selection of different styles of license license plate holder traffic talk logoplate frames.  They have all the sports teams including College, MLB, NASCAR, NBA, NFL, and the NHL.  They have animals, flags, and  large selection of motorcycle license plate frames and all the most recent designs.  Plus they have many, many holders that you can personalize with your name or your own message.  You can use their 5-Step license plate holder builder right from the product page of the frame you are interested in and experiment with different materials, colors, and wording.  Cool site!

Custom License Plate Frames

In addition to personalized and sports teams there all the customer license plate frames that just look cool in chrome or carbon fiber or have funny sayings, proverbs, political leanings, popular consumer brands, and auto and truck brands.

license plate holder licenseplateframes logo

This site has lots of cool frames from which to choose.  If you need a little bling, this is the place to go!

Yes, Amazon has license plate frames and a lot of them!  This is because Amazon is really just a compilation of many stores including license plate holder amazon logosome of the bigger license plate holder sellers including TagXpress and SpeedyPros.  The nice thing about Amazon is that you can search first on “license plate frames” and then refine your search for different categories of license plate frames by typing something in the search box again like “nba” to see NBA team license plate frames.  Also, once you find one you like you can go to the product page and see if it’s being sold by Amazon or another seller and you can find that seller online and go directly to their site to compare prices.  Sometimes the seller will give better prices on their site than on Amazon.

Find license plate frames on


license plate holder ebay stores logoEBay has a great selection of collectible license plate frames that are being auctioned right now on several EBay Stores.  There are literally thousands of frame designs that are highly collectible.



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I hope this article has given you the information you need to find the license plate holder you want quickly and at the best price.

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