License Plate Frames: 5 Popular Styles You Will Love

License plate frames are a great way to personalize your car without having to use bumper stickers or magnets which can be damaging to paint and bumpers. And let’s face it, they can really add to the look of your car whether you’re promoting your favorite team or trying to add some class to an otherwise dull plate.

We have found some great new license plate frames in various styles and we wanted to share them to give you an opportunity to see if one might be just what you were looking for!

License Plate Frames New Styles

1. LED Frames

LED license plate frames come in two great styles; LED Lit and Scrolling LED.  LED lit can be decorated with LEDs or provide light directly to the license plate with LED lighting.  Our favorites are the new LED scrolling and LED decorated.  Take a look at some of our favorite frames:

PlasmaGlow 10126 Pink Neon License Plate Frame

License Plate Frame Plasma Glow Pink

Popular LED License Plate Frames

[apc id=”1″]

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2. Sports

There is no doubt that sports teams are some of the most popular license plate frames.  It’s easy to represent your team that people really notice.  Take a look at some popular team plates and then find your own team.

Major League Baseball

MLB New York Yankees Chrome

New York Yankees License Plate Frame Chrome

MLB Boston Red Sox Chrome

Boston Red Sox License Plate Frame Chrome






Popular MLB License Plate Frames

[apc id=”3″]

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National Football League

NFL Dallas Cowboys Chrome

Dallas Cowboys License Plate Frame Chrome

Popular NFL License Plate Frames

[apc id=”4″]

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National Basketball Association

NBA Miami Heat Chrome

Miami Heat License Plate Frame Chrome

Popular NBA License Plate Frames

[apc id=”5″]

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3. U.S. Military Services

We are proud of our military and it’s an honor to serve.  I personally was in the Navy and so my favorite license plate frame has the U.S. Navy proudly displayed on it.  Check out some of the other military service license plate frames.

U.S. Navy Chrome

Navy License Plate Frame Chrome

Popular Military License Plate Frames

[apc id=”6″]

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4. Personalized

When you want to personalize your car there is no better way than with personalized license plate frames.  Great as gifts, you can put anything on your plate that will fit.  This can be your name, a funny saying, or your personal outlook on life!  Have fun with it and personalize your frame!

Personalized License Plate Frame

Personalized License Plate Frames

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5. Funny/Humorous

Nothing makes me laugh more than to see a great humorous saying or anecdote on license plate frames.  When you’re sitting in traffic, you can only thank the person in front of you who made your day with a little humor.  There are so many funny sayings and laughter is so personal that you really need to find your own.  Check out these funny license plate frames and then find one of your own!

Grandma’s Name Spoiling The Game Funny License Plate Frame Tag HolderGrandmas The Name License Plate Frame Chrome

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I would love to get your opinion of this article or hear your license plate frame story. Please take a moment to leave a comment below.

I hope this article has given you some help in choosing a style of license plate frame.  There are so many license plate frames to choose from and that makes the choice more difficult!


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