License Plate Bracket Front: New No Drill Options

License Plate Bracket Front: New No Drill Options

License plate bracket Front: License plate brackets for the front of your car have been needed for many years due to the requirements of some states for you to have a second tag on the front of your car. This is not true for every state but, I’m guessing it’s true for you.
JacFab Flat Face License Plate BracketYou have come to the right place because there are some new choices for front license plate brackets that you may have not considered. These newer brackets can solve problems that many car owners face. In some cases the manufacturer did not provide you with a method for attaching the plate. In others the method is very intrusive on your car usually requiring you to drill holes.

You could pay $100+ to buy a dealer’s solution plus installation or you can do it yourself, save money, and get the bracket you need. This article is to help you find the latest and greatest innovations in license plate brackets for the front of your car that you can install yourself.

This article has been superceded by our Complete Updated List of No-Drill Front License Plate Brackets!

License Plate Bracket Front Mount Solutions

No Drill License Plate Bracket Front Mount

You cringe when you think of a mechanic at your dealership drilling into the front of your car bumper just to mount an ugly license plate bracket. Maybe you’re considering not displaying a front tag since you believe the chances are low that your local police will notice anyway. Well, chances may be low and maybe not but, one thing is for sure, if you are caught you are looking at a healthy $50 and in some cases much, much higher for leaving off that ugly plate! Fortunately, several manufacturers offer “no drill” solutions for your front license plate bracket. These are nice because it means you don’t have to damage your car just go put a license plate on it. Some examples include:

Stillen No Drill License Plate Relocator

Stillen No-Drill License Plate BracketFrom their site: “If you own a Nissan or Infiniti and do not want to put holes in your front end or fascia in order to mount your front license plate, then this kit was developed for you!  This kit installs on selected vehicles where the factory tow-hook is screwed in (accessed through the factory grille), or in some cases you remove the plug on your factory fascia to install this relocator kit.  It’s as quick & easy to remove as it is to install, making it perfect for shows & other situations where having a front plate just wouldn’t look right.”

Stillen Site

Platypus License Mounting Kit from Cravenspeed

CravenSpeed Brackets

From their site: The Platypus utilizes the tow hook eye that is hidden on your bumper for mounting your license plate. We want to eliminate the need for you to ever drill into a brand new car or aero kit. A Tow Bolt mounted plate is also easily removable for track days and shows; it takes only 5 minutes to install the first time and after that the entire plate can usually just be rotated around for quick removal. That means if you ever need the tow hook in an emergency the Platypus will not be in your way.

Position the Plate to Avoid Blocking Airways
We painstakingly collect data on vehicles to make sure that we have a Platypus model that fits each vehicle properly. We make sure to place the plate in a location that avoids blocking intercooler and radiator air paths that even the manufacturer sometimes oddly ignores.
Sturdy Construction for a Long Part Life

CravenSpeed Platypus No-Drill License Plate MountThis is a good looking and tough unit. It is made from lightweight aircraft aluminum and has enough thickness to make it completely solid. Black Powder Coat and Black Anodize are used to protect the parts and keep them stealth. Included hardware is both plastic and stainless steel.

Ready For Installation on a Variety Of Vehicles

There is a Platypus model which has is designed to be a perfect fit all of these vehicles and more:

  • BMW 1 Series
  • BMW 3 Series (Including M3)
  • MINI Cooper
  • MINI Countryman
  • Honda Fit
  • Honda S2000 (Requires Stock Tow Bolt)
  • Audi A4 and S4
  • Subaru Impreza (WRX and STi)
  • Subaru BRZ
  • Volkswagen Jetta
  • VW Golf”

Cravenspeed Website

No Holes License Plate Holder by GMG

From their site: “Does your state require a front license plate?  Do you HATE the idea of drilling holes into your vehicles bumper?  Do you want to avoid a ticket from the ever-friendly traffic officer?  Here is the answer to your dilemma……

GoMiniGo No-Holed License Plate BracketThe ORIGINAL ‘NO HOLES’ License Plate Bracket (NHLPB) does not require you to drill into your front bumper. Instead, it utilizes a custom machined stud that screws into the towhook receptacle. All parts are made from Stainless Steel to ensure no rust. The mounting hardware utilizes nylock nuts or lock washers which will not loosen from vibration. The plate attachment screws are button head socket cap screws for a nice clean look.

Optional Offset Brackets are also available for the NHLPB Kits. The Offset Bracket allows customers to move the backing plate 2 inches to the left or right as a work around for fog lights, parking sensors, or just a different look. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you think your vehicle may need one of the brackets.”


No Drill License Plate Bracket Front from JacFab

JacFab Flat-Face License Plate BracketFrom their site:  “The new body style Camaro is one of the hottest selling cars on the market right now, but who wants to drill their front bumper to install the factory front license plate bracket? We have come up with this custom Camaro No Drill, No Adhesive license plate bracket front mount that utilizes the two bolts that attach the bumper to the bottom of the front end. All you see is the license plate, the bracket stays hidden from sight.

The bracket is CNC waterjet cut, then formed on a CNC press brake, and then powder coated for a good looking durable finish. We apply an number and Ultra Soft Weather Resistant Closed Cell Foam on all areas that contact the car to ensure no damage is done to the finish on your baby. Includes bracket, and stainless steel hardware.

JacFab website

No Holes Bracket from Skene Designs

Skene Design No-Holes Front License Plate MountFrom their site:  “Don’t want to drill unsightly holes through the front of your bumper?  Do you want an elegant, unobtrusive license plate mount that looks better than the stock model?  Do you need a license plate bracket front mount but don’t want to pay over $200 to have a bracket painted to match your car?  Do you need to mount a plate for a fix-it ticket?

If so, the Skene Design front license plate mount may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Its sleek, minimalist design mounts under the bumper and makes it all but invisible. A low cost, low profile alternative to bulky, stock OEM brackets, this bracket does not require any holes be drilled into the front face of your bumper. It leaves virtually no trace if you plan to remove your plate at a later date. It also requires no expensive painting to match your car’s color.  Two small, 7/64″ holes are required on the lower surface of the bumper. These holes are virtually invisible should you remove the bracket in the future.

Fabricated from aluminum alloy, the license plate bracket is shipped complete with left and right brackets and all necessary stainless steel mounting hardware, and 4 stylish, stainless button-head socket screws to mount your license plate with. It even includes the 7/64″ drill bit and an Allen key for ease of assembly.


  • 5 sizes fit virtually all vehicles
  • comes preassembled, with all mounting hardware
  • 5 minute installation can be done by anyone
  • clear, concise instructions included
  • Euro size fits European and US half size plates

Skene Design website

Craig’s Custom Mustang Brackets

Craigs Custom Mustang Brackets LogoFrom their site: “I know first hand that drilling into the front fascia of your new Hot Rod is absolutely something you do not want to do. When I purchased my 07 Saleen S-281SC years ago, I had this dilemma, so I created my own custom brackets.

30 of the 50 U.S. States require a front license plate to be displayed. Ford has designed the stock Mustang front fascia’s with pre-molded dimples (in most cases) which provide a means/location to attach the license plate using boring type screws. Not only does this ruin your front fascia, it can reasonably reduce the possibility of resale of the car to potential customers in on of the other 20 states and what if you relocate to one of these other 20 states. Now you’re left with two ugly holesCraigs Custom Front License Plate Bracket Stang in the front of your car.

So if you’ve “Been tempting fate without a front plate”, the small amount you pay now will be much less painful than the $75-$150 you will pay later in traffic citation fees and court costs. And it looks good also! This bracket is hand crafted out of quality aluminum and comes with all stainless steel hardware. What does that mean? “No rust, no corrosion and show quality!”

The bracket has rubber bumper protection in place, so no metal parts of the bracket ever touch the painted portion of the car. What does that mean? “No scratches and no annoying vibrating sounds!””

Craigs Custom Mustang Brackets website


Plate Clips LogoFrom their site: Have you been pulled-over or ticketed for no front license plate? If your car attracts attention for its design, engine growl, and outright beauty, a PlateClip can help avoid a meeting with law enforcement because your front license plate is not installed.

By using the PlateClip by Chairpilot Products, you can now be fully compliant with the law:
• NO drilling into your front bumper.
• NO using zip ties or tape on your front grill.
• NO paint scratches due to jury-rigged mountings.
• NO worries about your plate falling off or scraping a speed bump.

PlateClip will pay for itself by saving you time and financial inconvenience dealing with a front tag violation.Plate Clips No Drill License Plate Bracket

It takes less than 10 seconds to install (when you want it installed) and the same to un-install, for concours shows or track-time.

No tools are required to install or remove it from your car. (except for the initial bolting of your license plate to the Plate Clip with the provided fasteners). We can also custom build a PlateClip for your custom or modified vehicle.

Experience peace of mind knowing you can now be legal with the clean, quality look of a handcrafted aftermarket product. Made in the USA using stainless steel and aluminum components.”

Chair Pilot Products website

No Show Front License Plate Brackets

You never want your front license plate cluttering up the beautiful lines of your ride when you’re at the meet, track days, show, or cruising the strip. For you, manufacturers have designed hideaway plates that can be manually stowed or come with remote control. Some of the most popular include:

Show N Go License Plate Holder From Altec

Show N Go License Plate BracketFrom their site: “The Show N Go License Plate Transport is a innovative new product that allows a simple one hand motion to retract and stow the license plate or to pull it out and allow it to swing up into the display position.  Also available in a a push-button remote transports the license plate between stowed and displayed positions in seconds.


  • Enhances vehicle aesthetics in the displayed or stowed position
  • Stainless Steel components and fasteners for long-life
  • Patented robust design for trouble free operation
  • Easily installed by the average auto enthusiast”

Altec Products Website

Hide The Plate Hidden License Plate Kit

From their site: “HIDE THE PLATE allows you to mount your front License plate without drilling  into the FRONT of your bumper!  The hide The Plate eliminates the standard OEM front license plate mount that often looks like a design after thought, and replaces it with a mount that both hides the plate when necessary and displays the plate in a more attractive position.

Hide The Plate License Plate MountThis Hide Away License plate holder allows the plate to be retracted and stowed out of site with a simple one hand motion. No tools or adjustments are required. Simply mount and Hide a Plate !”

Hide The Plate website

SpeedFlip License Plate Flip System.

Speed Flip License Plate BracketFrom their site: “Speedflip is a simple device that modifies your vehicle to give it a secret agent feel by allowing the driver to flip the vehicle’s plate with one simple button press. A second press re-flips the plate back to its original position within (0.09 seconds ). A single remote key fob or switch operated can even activate both front and rear plates with one press! They also   have a switch operated version for Motor cycles or car! It’s also compatible world-wide so it fits any size licence plate, and any vehicle. Every Speedflip comes with a full 12 month warranty.

The Speedflip can be attached to any make of motorcycle or car, and because of its unique design, the Speedflip can be installed to flip the plate either upwards or downwards to suit the driver’s needs.  We fit the most powerful servo you can get which has an operating force of 15kg, Speedflip is speed rated to 190mph. Be warned of cheaper versions if it has not got our Logo on it then it’s not the original Speedflip.

Simple-to-follow instructions ensure that no intensive auto or electrical knowledge is required to install and activate the Speedflip. Installation can be completed in as little as 15 minutes, making the Speedflip a great start for any novice vehicle modifiers.”

Speed Flip website

Find your no-holes license plate bracket on Amazon:

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What do you think of our list?  Which no-drill license plate bracket are you planning to buy?  Please take a moment to leave a comment below.

Please share if you think others will benefit!

Thanks for reading!  I hope this article has given you some valuable information about the latest license plate bracket front no drill and hide-away mounts.


82 thoughts on “License Plate Bracket Front: New No Drill Options

    • Hi Derrick, thanks for your question. That’s a toughie. You might take a look at Skene Design. They claim to fit virtually all vehicles. I would contact them. They also have an installation video that you could view and see if it might work on your model. ON the 2005 you have those opening with the two hooks I think. Those might be wide enough for the skenedesign model. If that doesn’t work, I would try searching on youtube for DIY no drill license plate brackets. One of the methods they use, might work for you. Best Regards, Mark

  1. Hello,
    great site! I have a question, but it deals with the opposite scenario. My car was registered in NJ (which requires two plates). Now I live in PA (only requires back plate). So now I have an ugly bracket left empty on the front which was attached in an intrusive way (two big holes in the bumper). How much does it cost to get these holes repaired? Is is it possible to do on my own? (I really don’t want to put a recreational license plate on the front just to have one, ya know?) I like it clean with no bracket.
    Thanks for your time, if you have any suggestions, that would be great!
    Also, do US states allow European style license plates? They look so neat!

    • Hi Jordan, thanks for your question! Since I am a huge fan of license plate brackets, frames, and vanity plates (you might have guessed :) ) it’s hard for me to recommend repairing the holes, but since you like it clean, here’s my suggestion :) Here’s an article on how to do it yourself. The article has five steps you can access via a button at the top of the article. As for the European plates, I believe they are legal on the front in all states that don’t require a front plate, but you should check your DMV in PA. They are not legal in any state on the back of the car. I hope that helps! – Mark

      • Hello again, Mark,
        Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your feedback. That link helps out a lot. The European plate in the front is tempting since I like the look of them so much. I imagine that I would be able to cover up the existing holes, but would have to drill new holes since those brackets differ from the U.S. license plates from what I’ve researched.
        I have been thinking of trying out a plate in the front now just to see what it would look like. I came across some of my parents’ old custom PA plates back from 1999/ 2003. Do you know of people who put up old license plates on the front (who don’t need one by law) on the front for looks? I probably should check with the DMV but I don’t want them to tell me “no” haha thanks again!

        • Hi Jordan, I’m glad the link was able to help you! About the old plates…unfortunately it is likely that DMV will tell you no. I’m relatively certain that it is illegal in all 50 states to put a real license plate that is not registered to your car either on the front or the back of your car. This even includes plates that just look like license plates or have the name of the state on them. Best regards and Happy New Year! -Mark

  2. I checked out Skene design but it has N/a for Camry 2011 and before years.
    Any recommendations for a Toyota Camry LE 2010?

  3. My son’s rear license plate screws broke off when we were taking off the old plates and the stubs are still in there and we can’t get them out. Any ideas on how to attach the plate? There are no lower holes.

    • Hi Jeff, thanks for your question and I apologize for the delayed response. You’ve already probably fixed the problem, but did you know they make drill bits designed to remove broken screws? They consist of two pieces. Once piece drills into the existing screw and the other grabs the screw and backs it out. I hope this helps. – Mark

  4. Great site, Mark! I’m looking for an OEM front plate bracket (drill holes or not) for a 2007 Dodge Nitro. My local dealer found no PN for this animal after a thorough search. There’s an indent for it, and I’m sure the same bumper was used for several years, (as well as on its sister, the Jeep Patriot.) Thanx for any leads.

  5. Any recommendations for a center mount no drill holder for a 2005 Mercedes C55 AMG? Loved the skene designs but not enough room to mount even the smallest bracket. :(

  6. 2010 bmw 528, I do not have a liscence plate holder and do not want to drill into my from bumper, any recommendations…

  7. Hi,

    What type of front plate bracket would you suggest for a 2004 Lexus RX330? Also keeping in mind the incompetence of the installer :-)

    Thanks for your help!

  8. My son has a 1996 Buick Century 4 door that was gifted to him from an aunt in Michigan. Unfortunately it does not have any brackets or mount to attach a front license plate since it wasn’t a requirement in Michigan but it is required in the state we currently live. Any suggestions? Thanks!

    • Hi Peggy. Your son’s new car can easily accommodate a universal bracket that should be pretty inexpensive. Here are some at PartsTrain. Also, eBay is another good choice. Most auto parts stores carry universal brackets and by buying one there you can dry-fit it to the car and make sure it will fit properly before buying. You can also ask them questions you may have. If there aren’t any holes, you will have to drill at least two to mount the bracket and then mount the plate to the bracket using some license plate bolts also available at any auto parts store. Hope that helps! -Mark

  9. It looks like “The Show N Go License Plate Transport” could fit many vehicles, other than just a Corvette. Am I correct?


  10. i just got a mustang ecoboost 15, any suggestions for low price bracket? Of course without drilling in the front bumper! Thank you

  11. I have a 2005 Thunderbird. I need some idea for mounting the rear plate. The holes are to big to hold a regular plate screw and if i go larger, i will have to ream out the plate and plate holder. No way to get to the rear of the plate to put a bolt on the backside. Any ideas?

  12. Hi Mark. We just bought a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Altitude, and my husband doesn’t want to drill holes in the bumper for the front license plate. Any suggestions where I can find a no-drill mount for it? Thanks in advance!

  13. Hi there, any suggestions for a drill-less centered plate mount for a 2016 Mazda CX-3? It would pain me to drill holes in the bumper!!

  14. Hi Mark, I just bought a 2014 chevy Camaro and I don’t want to drill holes in the bumper for the front license plate.
    Where can I find a License Plate Mount Relocate Bracket, Thanks

  15. Hi was wondering if you knew where i could find a no drill front license plate bracket for a 51 chevy car. I have looked at several sites for one but all the ones they have you have to drill holes in the bumper and we do not want to ruin the bumper. thanks

    • Hi Char, I hope you had a great Christmas! First, only a few designs of no-drill front license plate brackets could be considered truly no-drill. Most hide the drilling under the bumper. Some use the grill, but I don’t think you have small enough grill opening to use those. I haven’t really looked at a 51 for mounting, but if you could live with drilling under the bumper, you might be able to use a Skene Designs solution at I wish I could be of more help and good luck with your classic car! -Mark

  16. I recently moved to Virginia and need to install license-plate on the front of my Toyota-Matrix. Can you please suggest no-drill options for same ?

  17. I’m looking for a no drill bracket for a 2012 charger. I had been driving around with the front licence plate in the windshield for about a year now so I thought it was fine. I got pulled over yesterday and was told that was not ok.

  18. I am looking for a no drill option for the front of my 2016 Sante Fe. Brand new vehicle and I do not want to drill into the bumper if the front license plate may only be for a year or so. Any recommendations?

  19. Mark,
    Looking for a non drill mounting bracket for a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. It’s suppose to be a center mount on the urethane bumper, but I’m hoping not to drill. Any suggestions??

  20. Any suggestions for a 2009 Acura tsx? Just had bumper replaced and I’m not a fan of the stock bracket. It’s big, bulky, and ugly

  21. Hello Mr. Ridgeway, is there a no drill front bracket for a four door 2008 Saturn aura?

  22. So I’ve seen a few cars like mine somehow attach a personalized license plate to the front of their car, of course they were driving so couldn’t ask & the problem I have is the front of my car has a huge grill & nowhere to attach it. Any suggestions for a 2017 Hyundai Elantra?

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