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An in car camera or dashcam is just the latest safety feature that is sweeping the auto accessories industry.  Backup cameras have been increasing in popularity for a few years now, while dash cams have been only recently making a stronger showing.  In our current climate of what seems like rampant insurance fraud, the in car camera or dash cam should continue to be installed on more and more vehicles as one can make all the difference in a witness-less accident where you’re being falsely accused.

in Car Camera Vantrue R2 2K Dash Cam Mounted ViewAn in car camera works by recording a wide-angle view to the front of your vehicle, even in low light conditions, capturing license plates, road signs, and other significant information that could be useful in your defense either with your insurance company or the courts.

A state-of-the-art in car camera can capture Super HD 1296p resolution video that provides more detail than ever before.  A good example is the updated Vantrue R2 2K Super HD Dash Cam which features the latest technology processing and sensors to help it protect you in the event of an accident or even while parked.


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We have already highlighted the previous version of the Vantrue R2 2K Super HD Dash Cam in our article Car Surveillance Camera: Top 7 Best Rated Super HD 1296p Dash Cams and are excited to see that firmware bugs have been worked out and other updates incorporated.




Take a look at this updated in-car camera and see if it’s the best dash cam for your needs!


Vantrue R2 2K Super HD Dash Cam

in Car Camera Vantrue R2 2K Dash Cam Main ViewWith 1296p resolution at 30fps, the upgraded Vantrue R2 2K Super HD 1296p Car Dash Cam features Super HD 1296p resolution at 30fps, produces motion picture quality video over a wide 170-degree wide angle field of view, and now has its bright trim removed to make it more stealthy, has updated firmware that fixes a number of bug, a redesigned icon, and records 30 minutes of video when you turn off the loop recording function.  It combines a high-end, dustproof, heatproof, F2.0, 6-layer optical glass lens that minimizes distortion with a technologically advanced Ambarella A7 CPU and OV489 CMOS sensor with wide dynamic range (WDR) to provide better night vision and better response to changes between light and shadows.  Its integrated G-Sensor automatically locks incident recordings from being overwritten by loop recording and its unique parking mode uses a built-in motion detector to turn the system into your own car surveillance camera.  Plug n play, the camera activates automatically with ignition on and continually loop records without manual intervention.  Here’s what you need to know about this capable in car camera.

In Car Camera Features

  • Car dash camera with 2K Super HD 1296p resolution and 170-degree wide angle field-of-view captures 2304 x 1296p and 2560 x 1080p video at 30fps
  • High-quality F2.0 6-layer, dust and heatproof optical glass lens features lower distortion and an ultra-wide 170-degree field of view for capturing more video to the front and side of your vehicle than other forward-facing systems
  • Integrated high-performance Ambarella A7 CPU provides superior performance
  • Camera combines an OV4689 CMOS sensor with Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), AKA High Dynamic Range Imaging, to provide superior night vision and deliver more detail and better response to changes between light and shadows to clearly capture license plates and road signs even at night
  • G-Sensor detects an incident and automatically protects video footage from overwriting by loop recording in the easily-reviewable Event Folder or use the built-in Emergency button to perform manual locking
  • Camera turns on automatically with ignition start



  • An integrated motion detector activates Parking Mode automatically when people or objects come within 33 feet of the front of your car
  • Built-in 2.7-ich LCD video display facilitates on-screen menu use and video recording playback
  • High temperature tolerance and protection allows the camera to operate effectively in temperatures from 32 to 158 degrees F and shuts down the camera automatically when it overheats
  • in Car Camera Vantrue R2 2K Dash Cam Auto Parking Mode ViewSuction cup mount delivers a stable, firm attachment to your windshield and has a handy built in USB port that makes cable routing easier and more convenient
  • Best Dash Cam Pick by both Wirecutter and DigitalTrends
  • Capable of accommodating Class 10 SD storage cards up to 64 GB, but in order to use a 64 GB card, Vantrue recommends that you format it to FAT32 prior to use


Vantrue R2 comes GPS-enabled to track driving route and speed using an optional Car Suction Cup Mount with GPS Receiver Module (for Windows) and mini USB Port for Vantrue R2 Dash Cam

See the Vantrue Dash Camera Hardwire Kit that allows you to hardwire the camera into your vehicle’s electrical system.


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For support, contact Vantrue at [email protected]






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