It’s a shame, but in addition to a rear license plate, many states also require a front license plate which requires you to install someFront License Plate Mount GrimmSpeed Bracket sort of front license plate mount.  It’s a shame because most of us would prefer to have no front plate (saving the money and the ugliness) or possibly a personalized license plate.  Whether you need to mount a front license plate or just want to put on a personal vanity plate, you still need a front license plate mount.  So let’s take a look at your options.

Front License Plate Mount Options

Front License Plate Mount Standard Brackets

First, there is the case where you really don’t care as much about the looks and are resigned to install some sort of bracket on the front of your car.


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Factory Bracket

You can go with a factory license plate bracket.  You either already have one on your car or you can get one designed for your car at your local dealer’s parts department. You may also be able to find a factory bracket online or at your auto parts store.

Generic Bracket

Factory brackets can be costly for what they are, so you might opt to buy an aftermarket generic front license plate bracket from one of many online sources or your local auto parts store.

No-Drill Brackets

Front License Plate Mount No Drill BracketI think one of the biggest complaints about having to mount a front license plate besides how unsightly they are, is that you have to drill up to 4 holes in your beautiful car.  Fortunately there are several companies that make brackets that claim to be no-drill.  In fact for some you do have to drill, but the holes are drilled on the underside of the bumper where they are not visible.

License Plate Hiding Brackets

Of course you can’t hide your front license plate all the time, but at least you can hide it when it matters.  If you spend a lot of time at car shows, meets, cruising, parades, etc., you can buy a license plate bracket that allows you to manually or even remotely hide your front license plate.

Choosing A Front License Plate Mount

Okay, those are the most common options, but how to you find the right front license plate bracket for your car?  Fortunately, we have already done the research and found helpful information on all of your options.

Factory and Generic Front License Plate MountsFront License Plate Mount Bracket

You can go to your local car dealership to buy a factory front license plate mount that matches your vehicle’s make and model, but often these brackets can be over-priced and intrusive to install and look at.  With that in mind, I recommend that you do a little searching online to find a mount for your car that is less expensive, easier to install, and might just look better than the factory mount.

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No-Drill Front License Plate Brackets

Cars are getting nicer and more expensive with each passing model year and are using more and more plastics and other materials to save weight.  Front bumpers in particular have been covered with plastic for years and have become a more integral part of the cars front-end design.  If the dealership has not already messed up its looks with a factory bracket or by drilling the holes for one, there is still time for you to save your front bumper.  Depending on your vehicle’s make and model, there may be a no-drill license plate bracket you can use to avoid drilling unsightly holes in your pride and joy.

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Hide Your Plate

Front License Plate Mount Show-N-Go BracketWhen you’re going to a show or meet, the last thing you want is a front license plate bracket messing up the clean looks of the front of your car.  There are solutions for this problem.  You can buy everything from flip up or down brackets, to power-retractable brackets to hide your plate when you don’t want everyone to see it.

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Front License Plate Mount Comparison Chart

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There you have it; all your options for a front license plate mount.  Thanks for reading and I sincerely hope this article has given you valuable information that will help you choose your front license plate mount!

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