You just bought a new or used Tesla Model S and you need to have a front license plate holder to be legal, but you don’t want to drillFront License Plate Holder Torklift The Law No Drill Bracket for Tesla Model S into that beautiful front bumper. What do you do? Fortunately, Torklift Central has you covered with their new no-drill option for mounting a license plate to the front of your Model S.

If you ask Tesla, you have two options. Don’t install a front license plate mount or install one of their license plate holders by drilling three holes into the nose cone. Let’s face it; not installing the plate is really not an option. If you live in one of the 31 states that require a front license plate to be displayed, not installing one could mean a fine of up to $150 or more.




Drilling three holes in the bumper is not a great option because it permanently damages your Model S’s front bumper which not only makes you cringe, but may also reduce the resale value of your prized possession.


Torklift Central “The Law” Front License Plate Holder

Front License Plate Holder Torklift The Law Bracket ViewThe Torklift Central option is “The Law” Tesla Model S no-drill front license plate holder that mounts to the honeycomb slots on the bottom grill of your Tesla. The Law is 100% no drill, requires no vehicle modification, and takes less than 5 minutes to install.

The Law is precision laser crafted from aircraft grade aluminum and has a high impact powder coated finish to make it durable for all weather conditions.

The Law is also designed to allow the license plate bracket to be completely removed or reinstalled in less than a minute from the base plate when the license plate is not desired, great for car shows, meets, parades, and other events.





Want the freedom to mount your license plate to whichever side of the vehicle you choose? The Law allows you to mount your license plate on the driver’s side, center, and passenger’s side of the vehicle using the factory honeycomb grille.


Note: As of 10/9/14, TESLA has changed the lower portion of the grille on the Model S. The new lower grille has a new sensor in the center of the grille that was not on previous builds. There are also multiple sensors in the bumper of the vehicle that are a part of the lane change technology.   Torklift has tested the law on this new grille. Although the law license plate bracket fits the grille as before, you cannot place it in the center of the grille as on previous models. The law license plate bracket does still attach to the grille on the left or the right side of the grille.

If your Model S is equipped with the new sensor technology, please contact Torklift Central prior to making your Tesla Law license plate bracket purchase for further information.

All previous Model S vehicles without this new technology/grille and bumper sensors are unaffected and the Law license plate bracket will work as designed.


The Law has all of these great features:

  • No Drilling. Eliminate permanent holes in your front bumper, 100% bolt on application and no modification to the vehicle required.
  • Easy to Install. Installation takes only a few easy steps and can be in place in less than 5 minutes. Bolt on application allows for easy install and easy disconnect.
  • No rust, no corrosion and show quality. Hand crafted out of quality aluminum and comes with stainless steel hardware. High impact powder coat makes it durable for any weather condition.
  • Lifetime Warranty. If you do not hand wash your Model S, remove the bracket prior to entering any automatic rotating brush style car washes.


You can buy it directly from Torklift Central.


Be sure and see our complete list of no-drill front license plate brackets!

Front License Plate Holder



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