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Front License Plate Bracket: Install Skene Design No Holes Bracket

You bought a Skene Design No Holes front license plate bracket new or used and you need help installing it.  Please check first for the manual which should have been included with your bracket along with the mounting hardware.   If you want quick help in installing your bracket, then these instructions are for you.

Time to Install

skene design left front license plate bracketThe front license plate bracket is pre-assembled skene design right front license plate bracketfor easier installation and comes in two parts; one for the left side of the plate and one for the right side of the plate.  The manufacturer specifies that it takes approximately 10 minutes to install the Skene Design No Holes Front License Plate Bracket.



You will need the following tools and supplies to successfully install your front license plate bracket.

  • Measuring tape
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Hex key (included with original kit)
  • Cleaning supplies (alcohol or soap and water)
  • 7/64 inch drill bit (included with original kit)
  • Pen marker

Skene No Holes Front License Plate Bracket Installation Procedure

Here are the Skene Design installation instructions enhanced with additional detail:

1. Measure For The Location of the Front License Plate Bracket

Using the measuring tape, measure the distance from the bottom of your bumper to the location on the bumper where you want the top edge of your license plate to be.

skene design no holes front license plate bracket dimensions


 2. Adjust Each Bracket

Use the hex key to loosen each stainless steel button-head cap screw connecting the horizontal support piece to the vertical support.  Now each horizontal support should be able to slide up and down on its corresponding vertical support so that you can adjust its height.  When properly installed, each horizontal support will be connected under your bumper and its skene design mini cooper front license plate bracketcorresponding vertical support will ride against the face of the bumper.

Slide each horizontal support so that the distance between the horizontal support and the top of each vertical support is equal to the measurement you took to locate the top of the license plate.  Tighten each button-head cap screw while insuring that each horizontal support is at a right angle (perpendicular) with its corresponding vertical support.

3. Attach License Plate

Attach the right vertical support to the right rear of your license plate with two cap screws and two trim washers using the hex key.  Repeat for the left vertical support.  Loosely tighten the four screws.

4. Locate Position of License Plate

Position the plate assembly by either measuring or eyeballing the center of the bumper in relation to the grill or where you would like the license plate to be positioned.  Loosen the angle adjustment screws on the horizontal supports.  Find the desired angle of the plate inskene design porche boxter s no holes front license plate bracket. relation to the bumper by holding the horizontal supports against the bottom of the bumper and adjusting the face of the plate assembly by tilting it.  Tighten the angle adjustment screws.  Also note the location of the horizontal supports where they touch the bottom of the bumper.

5. Prepare Underside of Bumper

You will be using double-sided tape to temporarily position the horizontal supports of the license plate assembly against the underside of the bumper.  You will need to thoroughly clean the area of the underside of the bumper that you noted in Step 4 using alcohol or soap and water.  Once cleaned, make sure the area is dry before attempting to attach the double-sided tape.

6. Temporarily Attach Horizontal Supports

The double-sided tape on each horizontal support will be used to temporarily attach each horizontal support to the underside of the bumper.  Peel off the backing on the double-sided tape on each horizontal support.  Carefully realign the license plate assembly on the front of your bumper and press the horizontal supports up tightly against the underside of the bumper.  Hold the horizontal supports firmly against the underside of the bumper for about 30-45 seconds so that they stick properly.

skene design bmw no holes front license plate bracketThe double-sided tape will not be enough to hold the front license plate bracket in place.  In the next step you will add screws to firmly connect the license plate assembly to the bottom of the bumper.

7. Permanently Attach Horizontal Supports

Drill a 7/64 inch hole in the underside of the bumper through the hole in each horizontal support.  Secure the horizontal supports with one pan-head, self-tapping screw for each horizontal support using a Phillips screwdriver.

8. Tighten Angle Adjustment Screws

Check the angle of the plate and make any adjustments.  Tighten each angle adjustment screw on the horizontal supports to firmly fix the license plate angle.

9. Tighten License Plate Mounting Screws

Now tighten the four license plate mounting screws to insure the license plate is securely attached to the front license plate bracket.

10. Installation Complete!


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I hope these installation instructions have helped you to properly install your Skene Design No Holes Front License Plate Bracket.

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