You live or park for work in the city or town center of your community and one of your biggest gripes is the constant beating yourFlexyframe BumpTek Extreme Front Bumper Guard Mounted View front bumper takes when people back into your car during parking.  It’s not only annoying, it’s unsightly, expensive to repair and it reduces the value of your car.  That’s where a flexyframe auto license plate frame comes in.

What’s a flexyframe?  It’s a front license plate holder or front license plate bracket that is made from heavy-duty, flexible foam material that protects your front bumper from just the kind of damage you might experience when somebody backs into your car while parking.  Flexyframe is a brand of bumper guards and arguably the most famous, but there are other brands available that can also protect your front bumper.

Obviously, a flexible foam bumper protector isn’t made for a real accident or even a fender-bender, but for those minor scratches and dents due to street parking, it’s just the thing.




What about the looks?  Fortunately, these foam bumper protectors don’t look bad at all and might even be considered stylish.  When you think of the damage that it could prevent and the money it could save you, it’s hard to even be worried about what they look like.  New low-profiles designs and durable, good looking materials help these protectors to actually complement your car rather than attracting attention.

The thicker the front bumper guard, the better the protection, so we were interested in looking at different models that offer you the best protection possible and are a good value, too.  We found three car bumper protector brands including flexyframe that offer extra-thick, very durable, bumper guard license plate frames worthy of your consideration.


Read on to see if one of these flexible foam, heavy-duty, bumper guards will solve your parking problems.


Flexyframe, BumpTek, and BumpShox Front Bumper Protectors

The three we chose to look at and that make up the majority of the market are the flexyframe, BumpTek, and BumpShox brands.  All offer a heavy-duty version, are made from high-quality materials, and come in at a price that won’t have you thinking a second thought about buying one.  They are all so close in form and functionality that we were not able to determine a clear winner.  So we’ve listed all three of their most heavy-duty models so that you can make a choice for yourself.


BumpTek Extreme Edition

Flexyframe BumpTek Extreme Edition Bumper Guard Full ViewIf you’re seeking the most protection from a tough front bumper guard, then the BumpTek Extreme Edition might just be the one for you.  With over 2 lbs. of soft, durable, flexible rubber the BumpTek Extreme won’t crack or rust like many license plate frames and brackets that provide no protection at all.  The BumpTek Extreme can only be called extra thick and that’s good for any minor impacts your car is made to endure.  Take a look at all of its great



  • BumpTek’s biggest, thickest, and toughest front bumper guard
  • Over 2 lbs. of specially formulated, solid, flexible rubber flexes on impact to cushion minor blows and then returns to its original shape
  • Extra-thick
  • Sharp angles and tapered edges create a stealthy low profile look
  • Rubber material is designed to withstand hot and cold climates remaining flexible even in freezing temperatures
  • Won’t crack or rust like traditional metal or plastic license plate frames, holders, and brackets
  • BumpTek bumper guards feature a unique Kangaroo pouch system that encases you license plate in rubber
  • Recessed mounting screws prevent the frame from damaging other vehicles
  • Easy installation just like a standard frame


FlexyFrame HDFlexyframe Heavy-Duty Bumper Guard Front View

Easily the most popular license plate frame bumper guard brand, flexyframes are made from quality materials and are easy to install.  Flexyframes feature clean lines and built-in patented rubber mounting bolt guards, flexyframe has you covered from minor parking lot or street impacts.  The flexyframe HD is their thickest, widest, and toughest model.  Here are its main features.



  • Extra thick and wide flexible rubber frame provides extra protection
  • Combines the convenience of a license plate frame, bracket, or holder with the protection of a bumper guard





BumpShox XL

Flexyframe BumpShox XL Bumper Guard Front ViewBumpShox claims amazing resilience and compression rate in its BumpShox XL model capable of absorbing minor impact energy and then flexing back to its original shape.  BumpShox is flexible enough to mold around any shape bumper for a great fit.  The XL won’t crack or bend like cheap plastic and metal license plate frames, holders, and brackets.  Check out all of its features.


  • Street tested for parking use
  • Made from a revolutionary, super strong and flexible foam material, the BumpShox XL keeps on flexing bump after bump
  • Won’t crack or bend like traditional license plate frames, holders, and brackets made from cheap metal or plastic
  • BumpShox’ biggest, thickest, and tallest front bumper guard is 2.25 inches thick at its widest point
  • Designed using an angled architecture, the BumpShox XL actually complements angled front bumpers on any vehicle style
  • The BumpShox XL boasts a top FlexFin that extends 1.75 inches along the top of the BumpShox to provide extra protection from taller vehicles and SUVs.
  • Mounting screws are recessed into the foam to prevent damage to other vehicles while parking
  • The BumpShox XL is designed to be chemical and UV-resistant, can endure rain, sleet, or hot sun, and even stays flexible in freezing temperature





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