A dashcam has been an essential piece of equipment on every police vehicle for several years. It has helped a lot for policeBlueskysea Original Quality Full HD Dashcam Front View officers to record their activity and traffic stops.  Over time, ordinary citizens started installing dash cameras in their vehicles because they provided a wide range of benefits and advantages to the users.  

More recently, dashcams help people by recording every moment in their adventure, recording details of an accident and recording videos at night.

If you are planning to install a dashcam in your vehicle, Blueskysea Original Quality Real Full HD is the ideal product that you should consider buying.

Blueskysea Original Quality Real Full HD Dashcam

Blueskysea Original Quality Full HD Dashcam Monitor View

The Blueskysea Original Quality Real Full HD car video camera can record 1080p videos at a resolution of 1920*1080 in H.260 video format. These high-quality videos will assist you in recording every single detail that you encounter on the road. The 2.7 inch LCD display allows you to keep track of everything while sitting inside the vehicle. The most notable feature about this video camera for your car is its 3M CMOS sensor. This sensor plays a major role in the high-quality videos captured by this camera. The fixed focal length has 4x digital zooming to capture the specific images in detail. The 120-degree ultra-wide angle lens enhances the scope of the camera. You can also find enhanced IR LED lights in the camera that can assist in recording clear videos during night time. The AV video output can help you in sharing the videos with other devices such as the television.

The high definition TV terminal interface that you can find in the Blueskysea Original Quality Real Full HD car dash camera produces 1080p videos in 1920*1080 resolution at 60 frames per second. You can also capture images with this car image recorder that are equal to the images taken from a 5.0 MP camera.  All the videos and images are stored in a TF (SD) memory card, which you need to purchase separately. It is recommended to purchase at least a memory card of class 6 and above because of the high quality videos captured by this auto image and video recorder.




Dashcam: Features

There are some unique features that make the Blueskysea Original Quality Real Full HDBlueskysea Original Quality Full HD Dashcam Kit View Dashcam stand out from competitive products. For example, the built-in document protection function will save the video, even in the event of power outages or machine damage due to mishandling or an accident. You can easily record all the videos while driving because it is powered with your car’s 12V power outlet (cigarette lighter). The automatic circulating recording feature can help you to set the record time for each file. You can also watch videos simultaneously while recording with this camera. If you want to take images while recording, you can use the screenshot function. All these unique functions have made this a top selling dashboard camera that comes highly recommended and is definitely worth considering.


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  • High-quality video capture with 1080p resolution.
  • 120-degree ultra-wide angle
  • The in-built document protection function


  • The price of the Dashcam is pretty expensive when compared with the competitive products in the market.


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