With automobile insurance fraud on the rise, costing insurers up to $7.7 billion dollars a year according to InsuranceFraud.org, there has never been a better time to consider protecting you and your family from becoming victims.  A dash camera system records wide-angle video out of the windshield and/or to the rear of your car to capture incidents as they happen.  The video and audio captured by a dash camera system could make the difference in a witness-less accident where the other driver, who is at fault, is attempting to defraud you by lying about the incident.

How It Works

A dash camera like the KDLINKS DX2 uses continous loop recording to capture video from the moment you turn on the ignition.  It has the capability using a built-in G-Sensor to detect an an incident and lock the incident footage against overwriting.  Once you are safe,  you upload the dash camera system footage to a computer where it can be combined with map data to provide a detailed accounting of the time of the incident.  That accounting could save you from massive fraudulent liability claims by giving you legal proof of the other driver’s culpability.

Dash Camera System KDLINKS DX2 Full HD Front 720p Rear Dashboard Camera Display ViewDash Cam Quality

It’s important to remember that the accounting of the accident you can provide is only as good as the quality of the in car camera you have.  It won’t do any good if you capture the right footage during the moments of the incident if the video quality is so poor that it’s unusable or what it shows can be disputed.  A quality, high-performance dashboard camera has a wide-angle view of at least the view to the front of your vehicle and captures high-resolution full HD images day or night.


A high-quality dash cam will capture full HD 1920 x 1080p video quality in daylight or low light conditions.  Video resolution is important to the readability of the video you capture which needs to show enough detail to be valuable in proving your side in the case of an incident.


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Dash Camera System KDLINK DX2 Full HD Front 720p Rear Dashboard Camera Mount ViewLoop Recording

Most modern dash cams use a recording methodology known as loop recording where the camera captures video until the digital storage is full and then begins overwriting previous footage to save storage space.  It’s important that a dash cam that uses this methodology has the capability to either sense an incident and lock the video against overwriting or allow you to manually lock the video or both.  This insures that even though the camera is loop recording, the important footage you need is protected against overwriting.

Wide Angle Coverage

A good car dash camera will have a wide angle field of view to the front of your vehicle of more than 150 degrees.  It’s difficult to get better than about 165 degrees with a single camera.  New models like the KDLINKS X2 feature two lenses that combined provide a much wider field of view to the front and rear of the vehicle up to 290 degrees.  Since accidents don’t always happen in front of you, the rear camera can be an important part in the reliable documentation of an incident.



Take a look at KDLINKS’ newest Full HD dashcam and see if it is the best dash cam for your needs!


KDLINKS® DX2 Full-HD 1080P Front 720P Rear 290-Degree Super Wide Angle Car Dash Cam

KDLINKSDash Camera System KDLINKS DX2 Full HD Front 720p Rear Dashboard Camera Main View, a leading e-marketplace in the consumer electronics products industry and seller of the popular and highly-rated KDLINKS X1 dash camera, has introduced its latest model, the KDLINK DX2 Full-HD 1080p Front 720P Rear 290-Degree Super Wide Angle Car Dash Cam.  It features a two-lens system for front and rear HD coverage of 290 degrees packaged in a super-slim, high-quality design with the look of a high-end DSLR camera.  Its six-glass camera lens has a CPL filter to reduce glare and provides superior night vision video capture.  This model uses continous loop recording methodology and has a built-in G-Sensor that can sense an incident and protect video from overwriting in the event of an incident.  Ready to use right out of the box, the system comes with a 16GB microSD card.  Here’s what you need to know about this new KDLINKS car camera recorder.

Dash Camera System Features

  • Full HD 1080p front and 720p rear, 290-degree field of view, super wide angle car dvr
  • Super-slim, high-quality design and materials gives it the look of a high-end DSLR camera
  • Front camera captures 1920 x 1080p Full HD video at 30 fps with H.264 advanced video coding
  • Dash Camera System KDLINKS DX2 Full HD Front 720p Rear Dashboard Camera Kit ViewTwo camera lenses provide 165-degree front and 125-degree rear for a total wide-angle field of view of 290 degrees
  • Six-glass F1.6 high quality camera lens provides superior night vision and its circular polarizing (CPL) filter reduces windshield glare
  • Extremely sensitive AR0330 sensor captures more light and provides crisp, clear images
  • Large 3-inch display screen
  • Solid, high-quality camera mount
  • High-quality Li-Po 3.7V 200mAh battery is resistant to damage from high or low temperature exposure
  • Dash cam records automatically, hands-free using a continuous loop recording methodology
  • Manual Emergency Lock Button and Accident Auto Detection Feature (G-Sensor) can lock current video file to prevent overwriting by loop recording
  • System starts recording automatically when the ignition is turned on without manual intervention
  • Night mode captures high-quality video recordings in low light conditions
  • WDR or High-Dynamic Range Imaging Technology produces a greater dynamic range of luminosity, similar to that captured by the human eye, than is possible with standard digital imaging techniques
  • Camera dimensions are 3.5 x 2 x 1.4 inches and it weighs in at a lightweight 5.3 ounces
  • 1-Year limited warranty with 100% satisfaction guarantee and responsive support team














Dash Camera System Comparison



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