A wireless car rear camera system is appealing because of its ease of installation.  The truth is thatCar Rear Camera Roscoe Vision Systems STSK7665 Wired Backup Camera View although wireless backup camera systems eliminate some wiring from the installation equation, a wireless car rear camera is not wireless.  Wireless backup cameras do have wires.

Short of battery-operated models, there are two main types of wiring that are required to make a car rear camera system work.  You need power to the camera and display and you need video from the camera to the display.


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A wireless back up camera system eliminates the video cables that run from the rearview camera to the video display by substituting a wireless transmitter and receiver to handle the video.  It does not eliminate the need for wires to power both the display and the camera.

While it’s true that the video cables that run from the camera to the display may be the most difficult to install or run, eliminating them only makes a car backup camera system easier to install, it does not make a wireless backup camera system better.

In fact, if you check ratings of even the best wireless rear view camera systems, you will find that most have problems that keep them from being highly rated.

Car Rear Camera Roscoe Vision Systems STSK7665 Wired Backup Camera KitThere is one primary problem with wireless backup cameras that is common to all of them.  They have to transmit a video signal from the camera to the display and in the process fall victim to signal degradation from interference that can produce poor quality video.  The very thing you want with a rear view camera is high quality video so that you can insure you see what’s behind you and avoid possible tragedy.

The solution is to choose a wired backup camera system and have it professionally installed.  In the not too distant future backup camera systems will become mandatory on all new cars and light trucks.  The reason is because they have been shown to prevent many accidents, some tragic, that are caused by the huge blind spot behind most vehicles.

The right reverse camera system can give you a better perspective on the world behind you possibly reducing the likelihood of having an accident.




A backup camera system is a serious piece of safety equipment that you need to take seriously.  If you’re going to install one, make sure it’s high-quality and professionally installed.  Short of that, you may be installing something that not only doesn’t help prevent accidents, but may actually contribute to the problem.


We like wired back up cameras from the professionals at Rosco Vision Systems and Rear View Safety.  They produce some of the highest-rated systems available for vehicles of all kinds and are focused on great engineering.


This article features one of the top rated models from Rosco Vision Systems.  Take a look and see if this model is the best rearview camera system for your needs.


Rosco Vision Systems STSK7665 Rearview Backup Camera System

Car Rear Camera Roscoe Vision Systems STSK7665 Wired Backup Camera DisplayRosco Vision Systems makes high-quality vehicle camera systems of all types and the Rosco Vision Systems STSK7665 Rearview Backup Camera System is a great example.  When you look at your backup camera display, you want to see clear video night or day that helps you avoid striking an obstacle when backing up.  This model is designed with a large, clear 7-inch LCD color display and an infrared night vision-capable, weatherproof camera that provides a full 115-degree field-of-vision to give you peace-of-mind when operating your vehicle in reverse.  It’s a wired system so no worries about interference from nearby electronic signals.  Here’s what you need to know about this reverse cam.


  • Sharp, clear 7-inch LCD color monitor with mirror-image capability
  • IP67 weatherproof, shock-resistant, vibration-resistant CCD backup camera with 115-degree field-of-view and 18 LED infrared night vision capability
  • Camera microphone provides an additional audio safety capability
  • 65-foot extension video cable
  • Comes complete with all necessary installation wiring, weatherproof twist-lock connectors, and mounts
  • 1-year warranty





Rosco Vision Systems STSK7665 Rearview Backup Camera System User Manual >>>

Rosco Vision Systems STSK7665 Rearview Backup Camera System Technical Spec Sheet >>>








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