You need a car door protector if you are forced to park in a parking garage with tight parking spaces or you live in an urban area with nightmare parking situations.  A car door protector adds another area of protection in addition to bumper guards you may already have.

Car Door Protector: DoorShox Standard Intro ViewIt’s unfortunate, but without a car door protector of some kind it is likely that you will experience door dents and dings from car owners that obviously don’t care about other peoples’ property.  I’m sure you’ve seen situations where ignorant drivers have parked so close to other cars that it’s all but impossible for them to open the door without damaging another car.


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You can reduce the anxiety caused by thoughts of coming out from a store or work only to see dents or dings in your car door with no recourse against the perpetrator who is long gone.  A car door Car Door Protector: DoorShox Standard Magnet Viewprotector provides protection against these situations, so you don’t have to worry.

Unlike door edge guards or car door edge protectors, a car door protector covers the door itself and protects it from the doors of other cars.

The top-rated car door protector on the market uses a magnetic attachment design that allows you to quickly attach and remove the protectors when leave or return to your vehicle.  That way the door guards are temporary and don’t interfere with the beautiful lines of your car while you’re driving.





We searched automotive forums, manufacturer sites, retail sites, consumer sites, customer review sites, and social media to find the most popular and highly rated door protector design.


Take a look at our choice and see if this magnetic design is the best car door protector for your needs!


DoorShox Standard Edition Lockable Removable Magnetic Car Door Guards

Car Door Protector: DoorShox Standard Main ViewIf you’re looking for a way to protect your car doors from dings and dents while at work, home, or shopping, the innovative DoorShox Standard Edition Lockable Removable Magnetic Car Door Guards is an excellent choice.  It features four separate guards that attach securely to your four-door vehicle with powerful rare earth magnets.  Thin, cut-resistant, integrated locking cables route into your vehicle to prevent theft while you’re away from your vehicle.  This unique and effective from DoorShox provides easy-to-use protection against dings and dents from other car doors while you are at the mall, in the commuter lot, in self-park garages or parking lots, at the airport, or while street parking.  Easily attaches and then stow away when not in use.



Car Door Protector: Features

  • Removable four-door car door protector with magnetic attachments and integrated security locking cables provides protection against dents, dings, and expensive paint chips
  • Patented bridge design enhances the DoorShox’s natural ability to flex and spring back to their original form, providing maximum shock absorption
  • DoorShox is designed to flex and contour to your vehicles body panels for the best fit
  • Vinyl-coated, cut-resistant, aircraft-grade security cables are embedded inside the DoorShox for more security and high-quality Adams Brand suction cups are modular for easy replacement
  • Matte finish, blackout logo, and surface texture add style and stealth to the guards and allow them to blend in with the vehicle’s color
  • Expensive, high-quality rare earth magnets are encased in silicone covers that are all rubber with a wider rib pattern for better attachment and designed to resist dirt and debris
  • Car Door Protector: DoorShox Standard Locked ViewDoor guards on each side of your car are attached by a common connector and a single security cable, set up to provide easy attachment and maximum side door and fender protection for 4-door vehicles
  • Note: This product uses rare earth magnets that ONLY work with steel doors.  They are not compatible with fiberglass or aluminum vehicles
  • Dimensions of each DoorShox door protector is 29.5W x 3H x 2D inches


Customer Reviews

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  • Powerful magnets stay attached
  • Easy to install and remove
  • High quality construction and materials
  • Lockable design protects against theft



  • Should practice removing to prevent scratching doors
  • Grooves in magnets trap dirt and debris that can scratch paint
  • Possible risk of damage when thieves attempt to steal them













Car Door Protector



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If you live in a densely populated area where your car is always at risk of dents and dings, you need door protectors to keep your valuable investment looking its best.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best car door protector for your needs!

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