car camera or dash cam is becoming a must-have on our nation’s highways and byways because of the number of accidents, fender benders, and fraudulent insurance claims and scams.

Timetec Roadhawk Black Box Car Camera Composite View

Many drivers are choosing to drive without insurance or with minimum coverage and will fight to make any accident your fault.  Drunk or drugged drivers can not only hurt you, they can sue you even when it was their fault.  They might even win if you get into a situation with no witnesses and it’s your word against theirs.


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Our word used to be our bond, but people are finding out every day that when it comes to vehicle accidents, car cameras don’t lie.

Quickly catching up to drunk drivers and drugged drivers are the distracted drivers.  The incidence of accidents caused by distracted drivers has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years and smartphone have become more prevalent and drivers are choosing to text while driving.

So how can you protect yourself against insurance fraud, scammers and drunk, drugged, or distracted drivers?  The answer is with a car camera.  Black box car cameras record many pieces of data including video, audio, and g-forces that can be used in court to prove your case in the event you are sued or involved in a criminal proceeding against you.




They typically run on a loop only recording a certain amount of footage before they overwrite themselves, but upon impact, they are designed to protect approximately 30 seconds of footage on either side of the impact.

There are many dash cameras available from and so it can be difficult to choose.  Also, many of them are sourced from Korea and their quality can be suspect.


We did the research and found what we think is the best quality, most durable car dashboard camera with all the right features that you should have to protect you and your family.


Read on to see if our choice is the perfect dashboard camera for you!



Timetec RoadHawk Black Box HD Car Camera

Timetec Roadhawk Black Box Car Camera Front ViewCar black box dashcams are so new that it can be difficult to figure out which features you need.  We chose the Timetec RoadHawk because it provides the functionality, ease-of-use, and reliability you need to protect yourself in an accident.  It has the high-quality HD video, audio, GPS tracking, and very good low-light capability.  One unique feature of the RoadHawk dash camera is its built-in electronic image stabilization which provides the best possible picture before, during, and after an accident.  The Road Hawk has an amazing array of features designed to give you the most protection possible.

Car Camera: Features

  • Full 1080p HD video recording for sharp and colorful video
  • 127-degree wide-angle lens
  • Breakthrough electronic image stabilization for the smoothest video
  • Variable sensitivity internal microphone and external 3.5 mm microphone jack
  • Outperforms every other car camera in low light conditions
  • Fast Ambarella A5s video processor
  • High-speed 5 Hz GPS receiver provides an ultra-fast lock on time
  • Built-in SDXC technology supports larger capacity SD cards up to 64GBTimetec Roadhawk Black Box Car Camera Mounted View
  • Playback capability on both PCs and Macs
  • Google Maps interface allows vehicle’s speed, G-force, and position to be overlaid onto Google Maps updating up to 5 times/sec
  • Equipped with an external GPS antenna provides greater accuracy and GPS lock-on times typically less than 30 seconds from a cold start
  • A special protection mode can be selected that allows the system to make larger video files up to 30 minutes and protect them from being overwritten
  • Track analysis driving aid
  • External microphone input
  • Comes with adhesive windshield mount and a ¼ inch camera mount for use with roll bar clamps
  • 1- 8GB SD card and 1 USB card reader are included
  • 1-Year warranty from date of purchase through Timetec






  • Solid, durable construction
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Small and nearly invisible on the windshield
  • Excellent clear, stable videos


  • No video display on the camera
  • Pricey
  • Should come with larger SD card
  • Needs Bluetooth capability






Car Camera 



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