A car backup camera can eliminate a dangerous blind zone behind your vehicle.  Without one, is the area behind your car or truck aVehicle Backup Camera Peak PCC0BU4 Front View “killing zone?”  It is according to Consumer Reports in their March 2012 article “The danger of blind zones: The area behind your vehicle can be a killing zone.

In their article, they reference Kids and Cars, a non-profit group that works to improve child safety around cars.  According to them, at least 50 children are backed over every week in the U.S. Forty-eight are treated in emergency rooms and at least 2 children die.

It goes without saying that these are alarming statistics and have no doubt contributed to the increasing popularity of reverse cameras.

What Is A Car Backup Camera?

Car Reverse Camera Yada BT53328F-1 Box ViewOnce you realize the danger that lurks behind your vehicle, the next question might be; what is a car backup camera?  The simple answer is that it is a camera that helps you back up.  How do they help you?  They’re designed to virtually eliminate the dangerous blind zone behind your vehicle so that you can back up your car more safely.

Backup cameras are highly specialized cameras that are designed to flip their image to provide a mirror image view and which only operate when your vehicle is in reverse.  They have to flip the image so that your view is what you would see in a rear view mirror and they only operate in reverse to eliminate driver distraction while driving.

What Should I Look For In a Rear-View Camera?

Your next question might be, “What type of backup camera should I buy?”  Our basic answer is that you should buy the best backup camera system you can afford.  Not all reversing cameras are created equal.  Some have better quality camera optics providing a clearer picture and infrared to see at night.  Some have larger monitor screens that make it easier to see objects behind the vehicle.




Easy Car Backup Camera Installation

When it comes to rearview cameras, there are a few things you should keep in mind when looking.  You have two choices for installation; you can do it yourself or you can have it installed.

If you’re handy and you’re planning to install it yourself, you should pay attention to how complicated the installation is.  The easiestCar Backup Camera Peak PKC0RB Kit View cameras to install are “wireless.”  Few car backup cameras are truly wireless.  The camera needs power and it needs to be connected to your vehicle’s backup wiring in order to activate when you’re backing up.

Wireless installation is the easiest because it eliminates all wiring running the long distance from the camera through the vehicle to the monitor.

Wireless reverse cameras have the disadvantage that they can suffer from electromagnetic interference from nearby sources like radios, engine electrical systems, other nearby electronic devices, etc.  This interference can make the camera’s video choppy, snowy, or distorted.

Video Quality

Video quality is important.  It won’t do you much good to buy a backup camera system that has poor video quality.  If you can’t use the one you buy to see clearly behind you, then you might as well not have purchased at all.

Monitor Size

Vehicle Reverse Camera Yada BT53328F-1 Monitor ViewMonitor size is important as well.  A camera may provide a clear picture, but if it’s too small, you may not be able to properly identify objects or people behind you.  You should get a monitor size large enough to easily help you clearly identify objects or people.  We recommend a size of at least 3.5-inches.


When backing up it’s important to use as many senses as possible in order to avoid damage or injury.  Some car backup cameras come with built-in audio so that you can hear what’s behind you in addition to seeing what’s behind you.  Combined with color video audio adds an extra layer of protection to prevent back-overs and back-intos hazards that don’t immediately catch your eye.


We have picked a rear-view backup camera that we think is one of the best you can buy.  Take a look and see if this is the perfect vehicle backup camera for you!


Rear View Safety 7″ LCD Color Backup Camera System with Audio

Best Backup Camera Rear View Safety KitTypically you will find wireless car backup camera systems to have lower quality video than wired systems due to the system’s inherent vulnerability to electromagnetic interference.  It’s true they’re easier to install, but easier doesn’t often translate to better.

The Rear View Safety 7” LCD Color Backup Camera System is a high-quality, wired blind-zone reduction system that features built-in audio and quality components.  The unit also has the ability to accept video from a DVD player or other cameras thanks to its included multiplexer.  With infrared night vision, sound capability, and SHARP weatherproof CCD backup camera this commercial quality system will enhance your safety and that of your family.  It has a long list of features.


  • Sharp and clear 7-inch digital TFT LCD color monitor
  • 3-Channel multiplexer with auto-switch system for video flexibility
  • 130-degree SHARP CCD backup camera has 18 infrared illuminators that give it a 50-foot infrared night vision capability
  • Complete kit with everything you need to a neat installation
  • Weatherproof camera has a 15G impact rating and an IP68K rating.
  • 1-year limited warranty






  • Great night visionVehicle Backup Camera Rear View Safety Front View
  • Clear, crisp picture
  • Large 7-inch screen
  • Audio is a big plus


  • Long wiring
  • Some reports of poor audio quality
  • Poor installation documentation
  • Installation not as easy as wireless


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