Almost no matter what you do, if you live in a big city, and you park on the street, you need bumper protection because your car is at risk every day.  I don’t live in a big city and so I can only imagine the frustration of wondering every time you walk out to your car if this will be the day that your car has a heavily scuffed front or rear bumper.  If this describes you, you need bumper protection if just for a little peace of mind.

Bumper Protection: Luv-Tap Bumper Thumper Complete Coverage Kit Intro ViewBumper protection comes in many forms from padded license plate brackets, to plastic planks that hang out of your trunk, to side bumper cushioning to protect the sides of the bumpers.  What’s hard to find is one product that gives you full coverage on the front of your car from one side to the other.


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The reason is that there is no easy way to connect the bumper protection to the car.  Other rear bumper protectors can use the trunk to secure the device but using the hood at the front seems to be a non-starter.

Fortunately, one company has devised a bumper protection kit that protects across your whole front bumper from one side to the other and the corners.

It uses a unique license plate bracket-mounted bumper pad that forms a central connecting point for two side bumper protectors that then connect at the edge of the front wheel wells to complete the protection.




There are license plate bracket bumper protectors out there, but they don’t protect the sides of your bumper.


We searched car forums, manufacturer sites, consumer sites, customer review site, social media, and retail sites to find a popular, high-quality, highly-rated bumper protector that covers the entire front bumper.


Take a look at the one we found and see if this Bumper Thumper is the best bumper protector for your needs!


Luv-Tap Bumper Thumper Ultimate Complete Coverage Front Bumper Kit

Bumper Protection: Luv-Tap Bumper Thumper Complete Coverage Kit Main ViewLuv-Tap is a respected maker of bumper protectors and their Luv-Tap Bumper Thumper Ultimate Complete Coverage Front Bumper Kit is one of their most popular setups.  It features a Patent-Pending, innovative design with unique functionality that dramatically improves on existing license plate bracket bumper guards that are out there.  It’s the first adjustable length complete coverage front bumper guard offering protection for the corners and sides using an attachable and removable system.  It even includes Anti-Theft Locking side-release connection buckles to protect the bumper protector from thieves.  Although some other front bumper protectors provide some protection to the middle of your bumper, it’s easy to see how the sides and corners of the bumper are at the greatest risk of all.  This License Plate Frame suspends your license plate 1.25-inches off your bumper to protect your vehicle from damage.  Competitors’ offerings mount over your license plate and only protect other people’s cars.  If you park on the street in a big city or anywhere parking is tight, and accidents are a daily event, you need to armor your vehicle’s front bumper with the ultimate in protection.


Bumper Protection: Features

  • Adjustable length, complete coverage, front bumper protection including attachable and removable corner and side protective attachments
  • All foam rubber, maximum protection Bumper License Plate Frame is over 2-inches thick, 15-inches wide, and over 7-inches tall and elevates and suspends your license plate 1.25-inches off your bumper ensuring that your license plate will not cause damage to your vehicle
  • No-obstruction installation provides an extra-wide viewing angle for your plate and does not illegally block your license plate
  • Stainless steel reinforced design provides rigid and durable protection while recessed screw heads won’t harm other vehicles
  • Dense all-weather impact absorbing foam will never rust or fade
  • Universal mounting design gives you a flexible 6 to 8-inch spread in mounting screw location and can be easily tailored to fit any vehicle in minutes
  • 4-screw stability, but works with only two screw holes in the bumper and can be mounted directly on your bumper or over your vehicle’s factory license plate mounting bracket
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Discreet OEM look has no logos or insignias
  • No installation tools required
  • Easily removable and mountable so you can add or remove the protection as needed





What’s Included

  • Bumper License Plate Frame that provides maximum protection
  • Side piece extensions include two-piece (left and right side) adjustable straps with Anti-Theft Locking side release connection buckles
  • Eight impact-absorbing foam rubber protection pads with adjustable positioning strap links for a Bumper Protection: Luv-Tap Bumper Thumper Complete Coverage Kit Viewbetter fit


Customer Reviews

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  • Provides full bumper protection
  • Secure mounting
  • Easy installation with included hardware
  • Excellent quality materials and construction



  • Some reports that license plate bracket holes don’t fit the screws










Luv-Tap Bumper Thumper Ultimate Complete Coverage Front Bumper Kit Installation Instructions >>>






Bumper Protection



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Bumper protection is essential in large cities or anywhere parking is tight.  It’s not that people are bad at parking, although that could be argued, on-street parking spaces are designed to be tight and it’s just plain difficult to wedge a car into a spot without touching the other cars.  We sincerely hope that this article has provided you with valuable information that helps you choose the best bumper protection for your needs!

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