Backup cameras are gaining in popularity as vehicle owners recognize the increased safety they provide.  A wireless backup camera is an easier way to install a backup camera for the do-it-yourselfer.

Particularly if you have an SUV or truck, pull a trailer, or take an RV on the road, a wireless backup camera can be the ideal solution to remove that huge blind spot behind your vehicle.  This article is about the best selling wireless backup camera.




Take a look and see if this is the perfect wireless backup camera solution for you.


Peak PKC0RG Small Rearview Mirror with 3.5-Inch Backup Camera

Wireless Backup Camera Peak PKC0RG Kit ViewThere are many different types of backup cameras, from ones that mount on the license plate to those with separate cameras you mount on the back of your vehicle.  The Peak PKC0RG Small Rearview Mirror Backup Camera features an attachable rearview mirror with a built-in 3.5-inch monitor and wireless hookup.  Many backup cameras have dash-mounted monitors that can be difficult to mount.  The Peak PKC0RG features an easy-mount replacement rear view mirror that attaches to your existing mirror and doesn’t require mounting a monitor on your dashboard.

The Peak PKC0RG Wireless Backup Camera System is perfect for:

  • Families with children or pets
  • Car, SUV and truck owners
  • Vans, RVs and camper owners
  • Semi-Truck Drivers
  • Towing Boats or trailers

Take a look at all of this wireless backup camera’s features.




Wireless Backup Camera: Features

Wireless Backup Camera/DisplayWireless Backup Camera Peak PKC0RG Mirror View

  • The Peak PKC0RG’s attachable rear view mirror has a built-in full LCD color 3.5-inch monitor large enough for a useful image when backing up.
  • The 5-position, swivel, color camera attaches to your vehicle’s license plate allowing you to pick the perfect viewing angle for your vehicle.
  • The camera has a wide-angle view for a complete coverage behind your vehicle.
  • The system comes with standby with auto-on mode when the camera is on.
  • Peak uses their exclusive mirror-tinting technology to make the 3.5-inch color LCD display invisible under normal circumstances until the car is shifted into reverse.  Then the full-color display becomes instantly visible to show the area to the rear of your vehicle.



  • The weatherproof camera housing ensures that your Peak PKC0RG camera will continue to operate even through the worst weather.

Wireless Backup Camera Peak PKC0RG Camera View


  • An attachable rear view mirror mounts securely and easily over your existing rear view mirror with spring-loaded brackets so that it is not necessary to install a separate monitor.
  • No tools are required to install the mirror and it will not damage your existing mirror.
  • The 2.4 GHz wireless transmitter removes the need for wiring between the camera and monitor making installation much easier.
  • The color camera mounts directly to your vehicle’s license plate and still provides a full view of the plate.



  • Peak provides a limited 90 day warranty on the PKC0RG against defects in materials and workmanship to the original consumerWireless Backup Camera Peak PKC0RG Box View or purchaser.


  • Good value
  • Easy to install
  • Great quality
  • Adjustable camera


  • Tinted mirror too dark for some
  • Complicated installation
  • Interference from security cameras
  • Vehicle vibration affects mirror





Wireless Backup Camera



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