The hottest aftermarket product for your car is definitely a backup camera system.  However, the next big thing will be systemsRear View Safety 770616N Backup Camera System With Side Cameras View that include side cameras in addition to a rear camera.  There is no doubt that a wireless backup camera system adds a measure of safety and peace-of-mind to backing up; particularly where small children and pets are involved.  We have a factory version on our Chevy Cruze and it works great, but over time we have noticed that there are still some big blind spots on the sides of the car that can still hide obstacles.

Fortunately, the next big thing is already here.  Manufacturers are adding side cameras to their upscale aftermarket models to deal with this problem and that makes all the difference in the safety and security of backing up.  We didn’t get side cameras with our Chevy Cruze, but that won’t stop you from adding a complete backup system, including side cameras to your vehicle.


For some important considerations when buying a backup system, please see our articles Car Backup Camera: Backing Up; Unsafe At Any Speed!!  and Aftermarket Backup Camera Buying Guide 2013.  In this article, we include some important considerations when buying a backup camera.  Also take a look at Backup Camera For Trucks:  You Absolutely Need This Camera System Now! and Wireless Backup Camera: Best Selling Wireless Backup Camera 2013 in case you’re looking for a camera specifically for your truck or are more interested in a wireless camera system.


Rear View Safety 770616N Backup Camera System With Side Cameras Kit ViewSide cameras are mounted on the side of your vehicle to help prevent blind spots when looking to the rear and the side similar to rear view mirrors.  They have their own set of specific characteristics you should look for.  Make sure the camera view angle is adjustable usually between -30 to +30 degrees in any direction and whether the side cameras come integrated into the system you buy.  You need the adjustability to tailor each camera to your particular vehicle’s set of challenges.

Another thing to keep in mind is choosing between a wireless and wired backup cameras.  There is a lot of hype out there recommending wireless backup camera systems for their easy, “no-drill” installation and it may be true that they are easier to install.  Easy installation is one thing, but performance should be your main consideration.  If you’re not handy, pay the extra money and get the system professionally installed.  You will be glad you did in the long run.  The right wired backup camera systems will outperform a similar wireless backup camera every time because of the limitations on the distance capability of the wireless signal and the potential for unwanted interference from outside sources.  The number one complaint we see in comments about backup camera systems is the poor quality of the images.  We recommend a wired system especially in the case where your vehicle is longer from the rear bumper to the monitor.




We took a look at several backup camera systems that had all of the right features and found the Rear View Safety Rear View Camera System with Side Cameras Model# RVS-770616N to have the best capability for the money.   It’s a wired system with excellent quality and durable construction.  See if this is the perfect backup camera system for you!



Rear View Safety Backup Camera System Model RVS-770616N

Rear View Safety 770616N Backup Camera System With Side Cameras ViewThe Rear View Safety Backup Camera System Model RVS-770616N is a fully-capable backup support system including a rear camera, two side-view cameras, and a large 7-inch TFT LCD color monitor with mirror-image capability.  Its infra-red night vision rear camera allows you to see a full 50 feet behind you even in the dark of night.  This high-quality, durable, reliable system features weather-proof components and the highest shock resistance rating in the industry.  Take a look at all of its great features.

Backup Camera System: Features

  • Super Sharp crystal clear digital display 7-Inch dash mountable TFT LCD color monitor with 800 x 480 pixel resolution, mirror image capability, built-in speakers, and adjustable distance grid lines.  It also features a remote control and on-dash buttons to easily navigate the menu.
  • 2 – 120-degree CCD, heavy zinc metal enclosed side cameras with 9 built-in infrared LEDs for no-glare, night vision capability for more than 30 feet.  Side cameras can be mounted with a removable bracket or mounted flush to the vehicle.
  • 1 – 130-degree precision micro lens 420 TVL (512 x 492 pixels) CCD backup camera with 50-foot (15.24-meter) infra-red, 18 LED, no-glare night vision capability and built-in microphone.  It features a heavy-duty zinc metal case which encloses a 2.1 mm Sharp lens.





  • The system is controlled by a “smart” multiplexer that takes in all the camera feeds and relays them to the monitor.  With three inputs, the multiplexer can accept multiple camera connections and a DVD player if desired.  Each camera connected has its own trigger wire.  This multiplexer is capable of handling 12-24 volts.
  • Weatherproof and shock resistant meeting strict IP68 requirements and 20G side, 15G rear camera impact rating (highest in the industry)
  • System comes complete with 66 feet of aircraft-grade connector cable and 2 – 33-foot side camera cables, aircraft grade and weatherproof stainless steel connectors
  • Full 1-Year limited warranty


  • Great value
  • High-quality and durability
  • Excellent image display
  • Eliminates blind spots to the side and the rear


  • May want to get system professionally installed
  • Night vision less than perfect
  • Poor quality manual
  • Menu buttons can be difficult to navigate and remember


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Backup Camera System 


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