It’s one thing to buy a backup camera for truck that allows you to see the area directly behind your vehicle.  It’s another thing entirely to have a convenient and powerful backup camera for truck that allows you to see behind your trailer.  For that you need a specialized system that takes into account that your truck will not always be connected to the trailer.

A backup camera for truck that you install on your trailer is a great safety feature allowing you to see behind you while you backup.  If used with common sense and in compliance with your local laws, it can even be wired to show what’s behind your trailer while on the go.Backup Camera for Truck Rear View Safety RVS-770613-213 Backup Camera System Kit 2 View


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Your first thought might be to go with a wireless backup camera system that will eliminate the long video wire run you need to make from the camera, through or around the trailer, and through your vehicle to the monitor.  You should definitely resist the thought of going with a wireless truck backup camera system.




Time and again it’s been shown that interference, especially over the long distance from the back of the trailer to the vehicle’s cab, can ruin the video so that it becomes less valuable as a safety feature.  When depending on a camera to back up your trailer or see behind it, you want the best possible picture and you can only get that with wired model backup cameras.

With that in mind, the model we’re looking at in this article is wired and is provided by one of the most trusted brands in backup camera systems for heavy-duty applications.


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Another very convenient feature of a specialized trailer-tow back up camera is some sort of quick connect/disconnect video cable that allows you to leave the camera connected to the trailer while allowing you to disconnect the rear view camera when you disconnect the trailer.


Take a look and see if this reverse camera system is the best backup camera for your needs!


Rear View Safety Backup Camera System with Trailer Tow Quick Connect/Disconnect Kit RVS-770613-213 (Black)

Backup Camera for Truck Rear View Safety RVS-770613-213 Backup Camera System Kit ViewThe Rear View Safety RVS-770613-213 Backup Camera System is a kit specifically designed for those of you who tow a trailer.  Complete with a quick connect/disconnect video cable, large 7-inch TFT LCD digital color video backup camera monitor, and a high-quality, weatherproof 130-degree CCD night-vision camera this system is one of the highest rated models available.  You get 66 feet of video cable to run from the camera to the vehicle and another 26 feet to run to the monitor with a quick connect/disconnect connector between them.  The heart of all back up cameras system is the camera itself and this camera is one of the best.  Designed for the tough environment of trailer-towing, the camera is built with a durable zinc metal case, has a 20G shock rating a 100G vibration rating, and has a full 1-year warranty.   Here’s what you need to know.


  • Purpose built backup camera kit designed for trailer-towing applications
  • Sharp, high-resolution (800 x 480p) 7-inch TFT LCD digital color video monitor has mirror image capability, built-in speakers, and can be controlled using dash buttons or with included remote control
  • 3-channels video input with automatic system switch





  • Weatherproof IP69-rated 130-degree CCD, 20G shock-rated, 100G vibration-rated, video camera features 50-foot (18 LED) infrared night-vision capability, zinc metal casing, and 2.1mm Sharp lens
  • 66-foot cable from camera to vehicle, 26-foot cable to video display with aircraft-grade quick connect/disconnect connector between
  • 1-year limited warranty




Rear View Safety RVS-770613-213 Backup Camera System User Manual >>>



Backup Camera for Truck 


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