Do you need extra visibility on the farm, on the road, or on the job site?  You need a wireless, weatherproof backup cameraCabCAM WL56M2C Wireless Backup Camera System Main View system designed to provide day or night improved visibility for tractors, trucks, RVs, trailers, garbage trucks and crushers, dump trucks, boat trailers, mobile homes, and more.

Used by farmers to improve visibility behind their tractors, a backup camera is a perfect way to reduce fatigue and improve safety when working around harvesting equipment and trailers.

I worked on harvest for several years and the first rule every year was never back up.  That’s right, we did everything we could to avoid backing up.  The reason, of course, was that most accidents involving tractors, harvesting equipment, and trailers happened when one of them was backing up.  We were loyal to that concept and I’m sure prevented many accidents.  It would have been so much better and safer if we had rear view camera to assist us!

The reason for this is a lack of visibility.  The newer enclosed tractors and harvesters have poor visibility to the rear and this makes backing up to hook up a trailer or other implement difficult at best and downright unsafe in some situations.  Let’s face it, you don’t always have a spotter around when you need them.  You can think of a reverse camera as your personal backup assistant.

CabCAM A-WL56M2C Wireless Backup Camera System Kit ViewWith the advent of computerized systems, the workforce on farms and at other trucking and industrial facilities has been reduced to barebones making a worker’s job much harder and much more difficult to do safely.

By investing in a wireless backup camera system designed to weather harsh environments, you’re putting a safety tool in the hands of your workers that can both increase their efficiency and improve your safety record.

The last thing you need is damage to equipment or an injury to make your job harder than it already is.

The best vehicle backup cameras are easy to install, work in both daylight and after dark, and have a large display for easy viewing.  Ideally, the best rear camera system will have two weatherproof backup cameras so that you can point one to the side and one to the back of the vehicle.  This works great for tractors that are loading trailers from a harvester.  It is also an essential tool for garbage trucks and other industrial trucks that need to see to one side and to the back.




We did the research and we think we have found the perfect backup camera system for any industrial application from farming to hauling.  It has all the features you need in an easy-to-install package.  We’re talking about the A & I WL56M2C Wireless CabCAM.  Read on to discover whether this A & I model is the perfect backup camera system for your application.


A & I WL56M2C Wireless CabCAM Backup Camera System

CabCAM A-WL56M2C Wireless Backup Camera System Alternate ViewWhether you’re on the road, in the field, or in the yard the A & I WLM56M2C Wireless CabCAM system will keep you safe and in the know.  It comes with 2 cameras and has the capability to support 4 total cameras.  The monitor can be controlled with remote control and has high-resolution capability.  This ruggedized system can go off-road when you need it to or will provide you a better view on the open road.  The applications for a high-quality, durable system like this are nearly endless.  It comes with some great features that should cover all your requirements.

Backup Camera: Features

  • Full 7-inch wireless color LCD screen
  • 2 – Weatherproof, ruggedized color cameras with night vision infrared LEDs that provide up to 32-feet of night visibility
  • Image mirroring and audio capabilities
  • Accessories included are an AV conversion cable, ball swivel mounting bracket with mounting pad, stationary mounting bracket with thumb screws, 8-pin wiring harness, sunshield, AC power adapter, 1-meter DC adapter wire, cigarette lighter adapter, antenna, and 9.75-feet external cord.








Backup Camera 


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