When it comes to rear view safety, nothing beats an automotive backup camera system.

The systems we’ve reviewed up to now are popular, have great features, and are value priced.  Most though are not commercial-grade.  That’s because although commercial-grade is better, most are not willing to pay the price for the extra quality and features.  We try to target the mainstream of automotive backup camera system buyers so we can reach the most people.


Rear View Safety Automotive Backup Camera System Full ViewLooking for some of the best backup cameras?  Be sure and see our posts about some of the best:


What if we were going to buy one of the best rearview camera systems?  What features would we want?

The first thing would be the monitor size.  We would want at least a 7-inch monitor.  Why?  Smaller monitors save money, but when you’re trying to make out objects with a monitor the bigger the better.  Smaller 3.5-inch units can make it very difficult to make out objects behind you and any motion will not catch your eye as easily.  Bigger monitors just provide better object detection and safety.



Rear View Safety Automotive Backup Camera System Safety Features View


Next, the camera would need to have great infrared capability.  A lot of the risk associated with backing up comes after dark when visibility is at the lowest.  Trying to look around the back of your car using only backup lights doesn’t work for objects in your blind spot.

It would need to have a wide field of view horizontally so that you can see objects coming into your path.  Being able to see behind you is not good enough.  You also want to be alerted to a child riding a bicycle across your path or a pet running behind the car.

Durability is an important factor.  Your car or truck hits a lot of potholes and speed bumps in its lifetime and all of that vibration and all of those jolts cause an impact on any electronics mounted outside the vehicle.  The best automotive backup cameras have 10G+ vibration ratings and 50G+ shock ratings.




Do you need sound in a backup camera?  Think about all the times that sound alerts you to problems behind you that you can’t see.Rear View Safety Automotive Backup Camera System Kit View  Perhaps it’s the slight honk of a horn, or somebody gasping because you’re about to hit something or the sound of a child playing behind the car.  There is no doubt that we depend on hearing as much or more than our sight when it comes to backing up.  We compensate for that huge blind spot by listening for problems.  We would want to have audio capability in our automotive backup camera.

Wired or wireless backup camera?  Until they perfect wireless backup camera systems so that interference and distance from the receiver does not affect performance, we would only install a wired system.  Particularly for larger vehicles, wired systems are always going to perform better than wireless systems.  If the purpose is to achieve the best clear image of the area behind your vehicle, wired is the only way to go.

Finally, the reverse camera needs to be weatherproof.  We’re not talking about weather-resistant, not okay in light rain, and not moisture-resistant.  Weatherproof means capable of handling any weather without damage.  This is an absolute must.


We think we have found a new backup camera system that meets and exceeds our requirements.  Yes, it costs more than $200, but that is a good value in this segment.  We believe that finding all of our requirements in one camera system makes this system worth the price.  Take a look and see if you agree!


Rear View Safety RVS-770613 7″ LCD Color Automotive Backup Camera System with Audio

Rear View Safety Automotive Backup Camera System Full ViewRear View Safety is known for its commercial-grade vehicle backup cameras and their 7 inch LCD color system with audio is a great example.  With its full 7 inch color monitor and durable, capable 130 degree camera, this Rear View Safety model excels in all areas.  Improve your safety and the safety of those around you by choosing a commercial-grade backup camera system that provides you with high-quality features.

Automotive Backup Camera: Features

  • Crystal clear 7 inch digital TFT LCD monitor with distance grids and mirror image capability
  • 130 degree horizontal IP68K weatherproof SHARP CCD backup camera with 50-foot infrared night vision
  • The camera is also capable of seeing up 50 degrees and down 60 degrees
  • Camera carries a 20G vibration and 100G shock resistance ratings which are the highest in the industry
  • CCD camera has 18 infrared illuminators that provide 50-foot night vision behind your vehicle
  • Built-in microphone provides the extra safety you need
  • 3-channel multiplexer with an automatic switch capable of supporting an additional DVD player or 2 extra cameras
  • This unit also comes with a remote control
  • Full 1-year warranty
  • All the wires, connectors and mounts you will need including 66 feet of camera cable






  • Quality construction
  • Clear, crisp picture
  • Excellent night vision
  • Great audio quality


  • Very long cable length
  • Poor documentation
  • Challenging installation
  • Poor-quality double-sided installation tape



Automotive Backup Camera



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